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A file backup is a copy of files. A disk or partition image is a snapshot of the drive

Avoid mounting in read/write mode several partitions from one backup archive at the same time in Linux. Also avoid mounting one partition to several directories at the same time in Linux. This will corrupt the incremental slices

Acronis Agent for Hyper-V is unable to back up virtual machines (or virtual drives) if the virtual drives storage is allocated on a CSV organized under Windows 2008 R2 environment

Acronis Disk Director reboots in Windows Native Mode to commit pending changes, but the operation either fails with an error or completes with no result

FAT32 does not support "sparse" attribute, which is necessary for Acronis Nonstop Backup

It is important to back up and restore Windows 7 System Reserved partition along with system partition

Difference between the Linux-like and Windows-like disk representation in Acronis Bootable Media

This option has been disabled for system disks or partitions on system disks

Windows 7 の「システムで予約済み」のパーティションとシステムパーティションは一緒にバックアップおよび復元することが重要です


Compatibility issue of Acronis backup software with Norton GoBack

Disk/partition or a file container encrypted with TrueCrypt can only be backed up on file-level

After restoring a disk encrypted with Check Point software, the partitions on it may become inaccessible

BootStar locks the system partition from access by other software

Restoring disks and partitions in Windows and from Acronis Bootable Media

Try running Checkdisk and updating Acronis drivers to resolve the issue

セクタ単位のバックアップ方法を使用すると、ハードディスクドライブ全体のイメージ(RAW イメージ)が作成されます。



セクタ単位のバックアップによって、通常お使いの製品を使用して作成するのと同じ *.tib バックアップファイルが生成されます。

How to troubleshoot and solve the issue

Explanation of why there can be up to 7.8 MBytes of unallocated space that cannot be removed by usual means

You need to have unallocated space on the disk with the partition the size of which you intend to increase

Backup fails with "Operation with partition '0-0' was terminated. Details: The archive is corrupted (0x70020) Tag"

This article describes how to create a custom backup plan

Using the sector-by-sector backup method creates a raw image of the whole hard disk drive