1. You have created an off-host data management plan for validation or replication,
  2. You have selected several backups in Items to validate/replicate, e.g. 'All backups',
  3. The plan validates or replicates only the first backup, further activities fail with an error:

    Task timeout expired

  1. ベリファイまたはレプリケーション用にオフホストのデータ処理計画を作成しました。
  2. ベリファイまたはレプリケーションする項目として、複数のバックアップを選択しました(たとえば、「すべてのバックアップ」など)。
  3. この計画が適用されている最初のバックアップのみ正常にベリファイまたはレプリケーションされ、その後のアクティビティは以下のエラーで失敗します:




You set up a scheduled plan for backup replication, separate from the backup plan.

The replication plan does not start on schedule but can be started manually. No error message is shown.


Issue in the product.


This issue has been fixed in Acronis Cyber Protect 15 Update 3. Upgrade the product to the latest build.


Backup validation or backup export fail with the following error:

failed to get archive_replication draft from session: cannot get draft <ID> from session: error getting key miniplan: nil returned


This action is not available with the current license

Replication is creating backups in multiple locations with a single Protection plan. This feature allows replicating backups from a local/network storage to multiple local/network storage, to Acronis cloud, or to an on-premises Cloud storage based on Acronis Cyber Infrastructure.

There are 2 replication methods:

  • Replication in Protection plan
  • Replication in mini-plan

Replication in Protection plan

To set up replication in Protection plan: