After installation of Acronis Backup onto Windows XP a reboot is mandatory.

During installation of Acronis Backup components you can use default users (e.g. 'Acronis Agent User'). Passwords for such users are randomly generated during installation. These passwords are stored in the same way that Windows stores all other user passwords.

This is how the automatic password generation works:

Installation of Acronis Agent for Linux fails with "Segmentation Fault". To fix this issue, transfer the installation files with WinSCP or via Samba share

Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 can corrupt Windows PowerShell. However, PowerShell is required for Acronis Backup to work with Microsoft Exchange 2010 correctly. Use the instructions from the external sources provided in this article to repair Windows PowerShell.

Installing Acronis Disk Director 12


How can I install the MassTransit 6.1 Web Client on Windows Vista without administrative privileges?


Installation of the MassTransit 6.1 Web Client on Windows Vista by users without administrative privileges requires the following:


When launching MassTransit Enterprise or Professional, the following error message occurs at startup:

Missing Hardware Key

After dismissing the error dialog, MassTransit fails to open, returning the user to the desktop.

This message only appears where USB hardware keys are implemented.

Make sure vCloud Director is installed, vSphere resources are sufficient, and guest operating systems are supported

During a remote installation, you specify target machine name and IP adress and account. You receive this SER Code. Please specify the account user in full form "domain\user" or ".\user" for local user

Reactivating your copy of Acronis True Image 2014 or moving the installation to a different machine

Make sure you have both Acronis True Image 2014 Upgrade serial number and a serial number from a previous version of Acronis True Image

Creating an MS Installer Log of Acronis True Image 2014

This article describes, how to install the Agent for ESX(i) as Virtual Appliance or Agent in Windows.

この記事には、エージェント for ESX(i)を仮想アプライアンスまたはWindowsエージェントとしてインストールする方法を紹介しています。

Make sure you have both True Image 2013 by Acronis Upgrade serial number and a serial number from a previous version of Acronis True Image Home

Start the installation, enter the serial number and follow the wizard. The product will automatically activated and tied to your machine

How to install Acronis Backup

ソフトウェア制限のため、Acronis BackupとAcronis True Imageが同じコンピュータにインストールできません


During the installation of Acronis Backup Cloud on MacOS Sierra 10.12.1 the following warning appears:

Incompatible operating system
Agent for Mac may be incompatible with the current operating system. Agent for Mac is fully compatible with OS X 10.8 through 10.11.


You can ignore the warning, click OK to continue installation. The warning will be removed in the next update.



  • Acronis ソフトウェア


Acronis 製品はオペレーティングシステムのストレージシステムを非常に低レベルで扱いますから、このレベルでの様々な競合によってバックアップ(または、他の操作)中にオペレーティングシステムがクラッシュする僅かなリスクがあります。クラッシュをトラブルシュートするには、使用するOSによって以下の手順のいずれかに従ってください。



With the typical installation, the following components will be installed:

  • Acronis Snap Deploy 5 OS Deploy Server - requires having at least one license. The license, however, will only be taken (used) on deployment;
  • Acronis Snap Deploy 5 Management Console
  • Acronis PXE Server
  • Acronis Snap Deploy 5 License Server

You can also review the complete list of components in Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Components.


  1. You are installing Acronis Backup on a Windows 8-based or Windows Server 2012-based computer.
  2. Installation stays at 96% for up to 20 minutes. CPU is highly loaded.


A Windows 8-based or Windows Server 2012-based computer experiences high CPU usage when it runs a Windows Update applicability scan. Additionally, the applicability scan takes longer than expected. Windows Modules Installer (TiWorker.exe) is running on the machine, which may increase the time required to complete the installation.

Installation of Acronis Product Fails with with "_USRCUSTACT_MsiManagedMachineServicePrepn_ManagedMachineService" in MSI log. Repair WMI and restart installation.

During installation of Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 on a MS Windows Server 2003 or MS Windows Small Business Server 2003 with MS Exchange 2003 on it, the checkbox to install the Agent for Exchange is grayed out. To fix this, a Windows registry key has to be modified.

While installing Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 using the setup program, you receive this error. When installing via MSI package, the installation succeeds, but the Acronis Managed Machine Service does not start. You can fix this issue by installing the latest build

There are three implementations of Acronis Backup Cloud.

Acronis Hosted

Fully Acronis hosted solution (both storage and management sides are run by Acronis – i.e. storage is our Cloud DCs, management – our management and authentication servers infrastructure).


This article describes how to install the Agent for Linux remotely.


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