This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup Service

Do the following to register your Acronis Backup Service licenses:

1. Log in to your account at Acronis website. If you do not have an account, create one as described here.

2. Navigate to Backup Service section.

3. Insert your serial numbers:

Register your starter pack(s) first.
Then register storage and device packs.


  • Acronis Backup Service

Acronis Backup Serviceのライセンスを購入してから、登録する必要があります。登録の手順は、以下の通りです:

1. Acronis Webページで自分のアカウントにログインします。まだアカウントを持っていない場合、この説明に従ってアカウントを作成します。

2. [バックアップ サービス]へ移動します。 

3. 登録する登録コードをすべて入力します。

(!) まず、スターターパック(Starter Pack)を登録します。

  1. Register your licenses, as described in this article.
  2. Click Manage your backups and log in using your account credentials (the ones you use to log in to your account on Acronis website):
  3. Create new Backup Account by clicking on Add:
  4. Provide information and create a Backup Account:

Do the following to modify quota for a Backup Account:

  1. In the Account Management Console navigate to backup accounts.
  2. Double-click on the account.
  3. Set a new quota. To set quota to unlimited, delete the value and click on the check mark:


Replication is creating backups in multiple locations with a single backup plan. This feature allows replicating backups from a local/network storage to multiple local/network storage, to Acronis cloud, or to an on-premises cloud based on Acronis storage (applicable to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud).

To set up replication:


  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
  • Acronis Cyber Backup Service


This article applies to:

  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud starting with version 4 (Agent build 12.0.1078)
  • Acronis Cyber Backup Service starting with version 4 (Agent build 12.0.1078)

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Acronis Cyber Backup Service allow backing up network shares, including shared folders created on a NAS.

Acronis backup software listed above supports vCloud Air. The functionality of these Acronis products has been successfully tested in vCloud Air environment.

To back up virtual machines in vCloud Air install Acronis Agents inside the guest operating systems of the VMs. You can restore entire machines or individual disks or files and folders.



Version 7.7 and newer



  1. In Cyber Protection console, delete the agent machine from the list.
  2. Open Command prompt as Administrator: Start -> Search -> cmd
  3. Execute:
    "C:\Program Files\BackupClient\RegisterAgentTool" register_agent.exe -o register -t cloud -a -u <account> -p <password>



  1. バックアップ管理コンソールで [バックアップ] をクリックします:
  2. バックアップ計画のテンプレートが表示されます。バックアップする項目(コンピュータ全体、ディスク/ボリューム、ファイル/フォルダあるいはシステムの状態)を選択します。デフォルトでは、すべてのディスクがバックアップされます。それが好ましくない場合は、バックアップする特定の項目を選択できます:
  3. バックアップ先を選択します:
    - Cloud
    - バックアップ クライアントが存在するコンピュータにあるローカルフォルダ 

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud uses Resumable Backup technology which reduces network load and therefore enhances backup performance.

Resumable Backup means that in case of a backup failure data upload will be resumed, i.e.:

Do the following in case your Acronis Storage is running out of space.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud では、再開可能なバックアップ技術が適用されています。この技術の適用によって、ネットワーク負荷が軽減され、バックアップのパフォーマンスが改善されます。


  • 最初の試みで転送され、転送後に変更のなかったデータは、再転送されません; 
  • 最初の試みで転送され、2度目の試みまでに変更のあったデータは、再転送されます;
  • 最初の試みで転送されなかったデータは、2度目の試みでバックアップされます。




Do the following to modify quotas and overage:

  1. In the management portal, navigate to Clients and select the tenant you want to change service quotas for (not applicable to a unit tenant).
  2. Click on tenant --> Edit
  3. Click on current quota setting of particular offering item

There are 5 logging levels for the ConnectWise Automate plugin:

  • None = 0,
  • Debug = 1
  • Info = 2
  • Warning = 3
  • Error = 4

To collect debug logs.

Latest builds of ConnectWise Automate (build 645 or newer):

To back up machines in an ESXi Free environment, regular Acronis Agent for Windows/Agent for Linux (as opposed to Acronis Agent for ESX/ESXi or Acronis Agent for VMware) should be installed inside the virtual machines. Agentless backup is not supported.


You have successfully installed an Acronis Backup Agent, but registration failed and machine does not appear in Cyber Protection console.

Or you need to re-register a client machine to another Backup Account.


Use this method to manually register a Backup Agent.

Note that account name and password used in the commands are for backup user account, not for Partner-level admin

Use quotation marks, if your password contains special characters or spaces.

When opening a case with Acronis Customer Central please collect and provide System Report from the affected machine.

Acronis Agent is installed and machine is online

Collect system report in one of these ways:

From Devices:

Acronis services to use for upload and download of large amounts of data to cloud

Backing up and restoring large amounts of data to a cloud storage over a slow Internet connection is time-consuming. To help backup service users in these cases, we at Acronis have designed special services for initial upload and download of large amounts of data. These services help end users save time and network traffic by sending the data to the cloud data center on a hard drive or request a hard drive with their backups from the data center.