The most common reason for this is an unoptimized file system. Please open a technical support case at


Mac OS X Client Symptoms:

  • Slow browsing on a specific Volume or folder
  • Finder may hang on a specific Volume or folder
  • Mac OS may hang on a specific Volume or folder

Server Symptoms:


Group Logic Technical Support has provided an FTP account, under which files may be sent to the Group Logic technical support staff.

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What does the following warning mean "Warning: The configured Master Server is not resolvable by the Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) server. This may cause problems with users of the Acronis Files Connect Zidget. This may be due to the specified Master Server name not being present in DNS."?



A Photoshop error occurs when saving a file to an Apple File Protocol (AFP) network share. Error - 'Photoshop could not save "file" because write access was not granted'.


This article explains the configuration of Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) to support guest access.


In Windows, the Anonymous Logon group is not a member of the Everyone group by default.

In order to enable guest access, Acronis Files Connect requires that the Anonymous Logon group be a member of the Everyone group.

This article applies to creating a cluster service in Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) 7.0 or later.

Each Acronis Files Connect virtual server you want to use on your cluster requires an Acronis Files Connect service instance. Each of these Acronis Files Connect services requires a unique Service Name. When Acronis Files Connect is installed on a cluster enabled server, no services are created by default. You will need to create a new Acronis Files Connect service for each virtual server, on each node you want the service to run on.


With the release of version 10.5, Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) supports Mac computers access to Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) file shares in two ways. 

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP)



When editing a document over the network, the file being saved inherits the permissions of the .Temporary Items folder.


Steps to Reproduce:

Customers report this can happen to an Acronis Files Connect volume when:


Provides instructions on configuring MassTransit to work with multiple TCP/IP addresses (multi-homing) on both Macintosh and Windows.

For information about multi-homing on MassTransit 8, please refer to:


When an application crashes on macOS, a system service named "CrashReporter" captures information to a file that can then be used to diagnose the problem.

This note details where the CrashReporter stores these files.


The CrashReporter saves the relevant system information in a file in one of two places depending on whether you are logged in as an administrator or not.

The two locations are:

~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter, and


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activEcho: The Mac activEcho client is fully compatibile with Mac OS X 10.7.

ArchiveConnect: Users of Mac OS X 10.7 will need to upgrade to the ArchiveConnect 1.2.1 or later Mac client software for Lion compatibility.

ArchiveConnect allows Mac desktops to work seamlessly with file archiving solutions by enhancing the Mac Finder.

Instructions for using ArchiveConnect are available for end users and administrators at the following locations:

ArchiveConnect User Guide

Installation and Administration Guide


This article contains information on MassTransit Best Practices.


The online documentation referenced below describes some best practices for backing up, maintaining and monitoring your MassTransit server:


On Windows

First back up your database as follows 

Once the backup is complete:


MassTransit supports running a variety of program and scripts as action tasks when events occur in MassTransit. There are some important details and limitations about how MassTransit launches these programs and scripts that need to be taken into account when configuring this feature on Windows.

For information about how to ensure proper operation of Launch Process actions on MassTransit 7 and later, please refer to Actions page.


Why is one client computer much slower than all the others?


The primary cause of network issues that we receive support calls about is a mismatch between the Ethernet speed and duplex negotiated by the switch and that of the Macintosh client. In some cases we find that it is actually the server that has the duplex mismatch. Either of these issues can be fixed by hard-coding the speed and duplex of the switch and Ethernet card.


The MassTransit web client can be deployed remotely to user desktops using SMS or similar technologies. Documentation is available on how to implement this deployment to ensure proper operation of the MassTransit components.

For information on how the MassTransit 7 web client is deployed, please refer to Introduction page of the Web Client User Guide.


This article describes how to tune TCP/IP for maximum performance with MassTransit.


Explanation & Overview

TCP/IP Settings


This article describes how to trigger notifications from MassTransit to an external web service. The sample code contains a simple demo implementation, combining the MassTransit Launch Process Action with a Python script, wherein a SOAP client makes a call to an external web service.

For information on how to trigger notifications from MassTransit 7 to an external web service, please refer to Launch Process Action and Web Service Integration page.


This article describes how to prevent Web Client users from modifying their own passwords by disabling the My Account tab in MTWeb.

For information on how to disable the My Account tab for MassTransit 7 web sites, please refer to MTWeb page of the MassTransit 7 documentation.


This document describes the procedure in which files submitted to a MassTransit Servers prior to MassTransit 6.1.1 may be manually processed via the Job Browser window.

For information on how to process services on MassTransit 7, please refer to the Services page.


Files that were received by a MassTransit Server, but not automatically processed by a MassTransit service may be manually re-submitted for service processing.


ArchiveConnect is fully compatible with Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) 8.0's new Network Reshare capability. This feature expands the options for giving Macs access to archive volumes on SMB accessible storage and also provides an excellent workaround for known issues with Mac clients running OS X 10.6.7 and later accessing SMB/CIFS archive volumes.


This article describes how to resolve the "Failed to Connect to server; FILES COMMAND not found" error that occurs with MassTransit plugin. This error only occurs when MTWeb is running on HTTPS. Additionally the error is encountered only when using Internet Explorer on Windows.



Users receive "Failed to connect to server; FILES COMMAND not found" error after logging into MTWeb using Internet Explorer on Windows.



MassTransit 6.0 supports having a MassTransit Server use a remote machine on the local area network for its MySQL databases. This article describes how to install and set up MassTransit with MySQL databases on a remote computer.

For information on how to configure MassTransit 7 with remote MySQL databases, please refer to Installing MassTransit and MySQL In Non-Default Locations.