Restore of a mailbox or folder errors out due to insufficient free space even though there is enough free space on the server hard disks

To troubleshoot the issue, it is necessary to collect Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange logs, Windows Event Logs, Windows System Information and export the restored E-mails in .eml format

Create a new Exchange user account, which is a member of Administrators group, Domain Admins group, Domain Users group, Enterprise Admins group. Use the created account to run the backup again

Setting up E-mail notifications to have Acronis Drive Monitor send alerts and regular disk reports

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 does not support E-mail notifications for validation tasks

The subject of the E-mail shows the full operation log




  1. Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 で電子メール通知を設定し、[完全なログを通知に含める] オプションをオンしても、



Per Microsoft limitation, the Exchange user must have minimum 1 E-mail in the mailbox to operate properly with the Exchange database. As a workaround, send an E-mail to the user in question.

Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange is a disaster recovery solution to protect Microsoft Exchange data. Restore databases, mailboxes or even E-mails



Provide the username in the form of DOMAIN\Username; make sure the user is a member of Administrators group, Domain Admins group, Enterprise Admins group; delete the v8.0 subkey from Windows Registry

バックアップ処理に関する通知には、受信電子メールアドレスを 1 件のみ設定することができます



  1. バックアップ処理に関する通知を受信する電子メールアドレスを複数設定します。
  2. 通知を送信すると、プログラムのログ([ツール] -> [ログ])に次のエラーエントリが表示されて失敗します。




Acronis True Image の通知機能について説明します


There is an unsupported version of Microsoft Outlook installed on the machine that crashes the application

As a workaround, back up your E-Mail manually instead doing running it as a scheduled task

Make sure the outgoing mail server settings and port are specified correctly

Description of the Acronis True Image notification feature

How to work around the situation when the set up e-mail notifications fail to be received

This has been fixed. Upgrade to Acronis vmProtect 7

Making sure your SMTP Server and client are ready E-mail notifications setup