To troubleshoot the issue, it is necessary to collect Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange logs, Windows Event Logs, Windows System Information and export the restored E-mails in .eml format

Restore of a mailbox or folder errors out due to insufficient free space even though there is enough free space on the server hard disks

You can recover separate mailboxes or E-Mails from a backup archive of an Information Store, but the process can be time-consuming

Create a new Exchange user account, which is a member of Administrators group, Domain Admins group, Domain Users group, Enterprise Admins group. Use the created account to run the backup again

Setting up E-mail notifications to have Acronis Drive Monitor send alerts and regular disk reports

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 does not support E-mail notifications for validation tasks

The subject of the E-mail shows the full operation log




  1. Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 で電子メール通知を設定し、[完全なログを通知に含める] オプションをオンしても、



You have entered an incorrect E-mail or password. Please ensure that you type in a correct E-mail and password for your Acronis account

E-mail backup can only be restored to the same e-mail client

Backing up E-mail messages, accounts and settings

Per Microsoft limitation, the Exchange user must have minimum 1 E-mail in the mailbox to operate properly with the Exchange database. As a workaround, send an E-mail to the user in question.

Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange is a disaster recovery solution to protect Microsoft Exchange data. Restore databases, mailboxes or even E-mails



Provide the username in the form of DOMAIN\Username; make sure the user is a member of Administrators group, Domain Admins group, Enterprise Admins group; delete the v8.0 subkey from Windows Registry

バックアップ処理に関する通知には、受信電子メールアドレスを 1 件のみ設定することができます



  1. バックアップ処理に関する通知を受信する電子メールアドレスを複数設定します。
  2. 通知を送信すると、プログラムのログ([ツール] -> [ログ])に次のエラーエントリが表示されて失敗します。




Acronis True Image の通知機能について説明します


There is an unsupported version of Microsoft Outlook installed on the machine that crashes the application

List of E-mail clients for which the Antispam protection can be enabled

This is a known issue. Re-enable the Antispam protection in Acronis Internet Security 2011