This guide describes how to handle problems with Acronis Nonstop Backup operation, such as failure to start or errors during execution.

Acronis Nonstop Backup provides protection of your disks and files. It allows you to recover entire disks, individual files and their different versions.

This article is an overview of the problems that may be encountered during the Nonstop Backup operation. It also includes practical steps on correctly identifying and resolving them.

Make sure you are facing Replication Issue: Run a backup from the source location to destination location. If that fails then your problem is not Replication issue but a more general problem that requires further troubleshooting and localization.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Replication Issues:

This article describes how to proceed if you have faced a problem with building WinPE-based bootable media with Acronis Backup and Recovery and Acronis Disk Director.

For trobleshooting WinPE-based media creation issues in Acronis True Image see Acronis True Image: Troubleshooting WinPE-Based Bootable Media Creation Issues

This article provide troubleshooting steps for license assignment issues: in case license cannot be assigned to an Acronis Agent or an assigned license was lost by an Agent.

Every Management Agent (Agent for Windows, Linux, Hyper-V or ESX) requires a license to perform backup and restore operations. Other components do not require a license.

This article cover errors and failures during disk management operations in Acronis Backup, including cloning, conversion and volume deletion/creation issues. It provides possible causes for the errors and how to troubleshoot the issues.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Email Notification Issue

  1. Get familiar with technology in the About part.
  2. Check for known issues in the Known issues part.
  3. Follow to Troubleshooting part to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

About Email notifications

Email notifications are used to send emails about operations results, interactions, alerts:

To be able to back up a machine to the online storage, you need to purchase and activate a subscription to the Acronis Backup to Cloud (Acronis Backup & Recovery Online) service.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Subscription Activation Issues:

1. Prerequisites

Complete all steps before proceeding to error troubleshooting step.

1.1. Product matches subscription

To be able to use Acronis Backup to Cloud (Acronis Backup & Recovery Online) subscription Acronis software should be installed.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Consolidation Issue

Mailbox-level backup - is a type of backup that stores contents of Exchange mailboxes and/or public folders.

Acronis Backup accesses the contents using Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI), so backing up multiple mailboxes may take a long time.  Backing up at a mailbox level makes sense when you need to frequently back up a small number of mailboxes. Otherwise, consider a database-level backup (Information Store backup).

This article provides instruction for troubleshooting recovery and conversion to virtual machine failures in Acronis Backup (Acronis Backup & Recovery).

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the recovery and conversion to virtual machine:

This article looks at troubleshooting performance problems of the different sub-tasks and operations involved in running a backup plan: backup, replication, validation, recovery etc. 

Performance depends on a lot of factors. For example, it could be hardware limitations that cannot be fixed without changing the hardware or the product under-performing due to conflicts with the system which have to be fixed by Acronis development. So it is important to make sure the performance bottleneck is understood exactly. This article aims to help you do just that. 

This article looks at troubleshooting GUI performance issues with Acronis products.

In general, performance is constantly being optimized, so updating to the latest build is always recommended for the best performance

Do the following to troubleshoot an issue with activating Acronis Startup Recovery Manager:

This article describes how to handle issues with Initial Seeding backup creation.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Initial Seeding Backup:

  1. Get familiar with technology of the Initial Seeding in the About part.
  2. Follow to Troubleshooting part to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.


Initial Seeding is an extra service with which you can send your backup to Acronis via regular post and have it uploaded.

This article provides information on troubleshooting possible problems with file/partition/mail recovery.

Depending on the issue you are facing navigate to the corresponding section below.

Partition recovery fails

Follow these steps to perform the recovery (or to localize the issue in case further investigation is needed):

How to solve e-mail notifications issues.

Always make sure you have the latest build of the product.


  1. In Acronis True Image you set up E-Mail notifications on operation results;
  2. E-Mail notifications fail with the following error message: Cannot send e-mail. The possible reason might be incorrect e-mail settings.

Known issues

Possible reasons for e-mail notifications issues can be:

Instruction on how to troubleshoot and resolve issues with Acronis Universal Restore or Acronis Universal Deploy

About Universal Restore and Universal Deploy

Universal restore technology is intended to provide ability to boot operating system after migration to dissimilar hardware. Most common issues are related to non-bootable operating system after restore with Universal Restore.

Acronis Universal RestoreまたはAcronis Universal Deployに関する問題をトラブルシュートし、解決する方法


  • Acronis Backup (Acronis Backup & Recovery)
  • Acronis True Image
  • Acronis Snap Deploy


Universal Restore と Universal Deploy について

Universal Restore 技術は、異なるハードウェアに移行してもオペレーティングシステムを起動できるためのものです。この技術に関する最も一般的な問題は、Universal Restoreを使ってリカバリしてからオペレーティングシステムが起動しなくなることです。 


  • Acronis True Image 2016
  • Acronis True Image Cloud (2016発売)
  • Windows

この記事には、使用するAcronis製品に、Acronis Cloudに関する問題が発生した場合の解決方法を説明しています。


Follow these steps to troubleshoot a Cataloging Issue

Because Acronis products work with the storage system of an operating system on a very low level, there is a small risk that different conflicts on this level can lead to an operating system crash during backup or other operations. Please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot these issues, depending on what operating system is being used..



  • Acronis ソフトウェア


Acronis 製品はオペレーティングシステムのストレージシステムを非常に低レベルで扱いますから、このレベルでの様々な競合によってバックアップ(または、他の操作)中にオペレーティングシステムがクラッシュする僅かなリスクがあります。クラッシュをトラブルシュートするには、使用するOSによって以下の手順のいずれかに従ってください。




  1. カタログ作成の技術の説明 を確認します。
  2. 既知の問題 で、既に知られている問題かどうか確認します。
  3. 問題を解決するために、 トラブルシューティング に移動します。

Expand All / Hide All

この記事には、ライセンスの割り当てに関する問題(Acronis エージェントにライセンスが割り当てできない場合、また、割り当てたライセンスがエージェントに失われた場合)をトラブルシュートする方法について説明しています。


  • Acronis Backup (Acronis Backup & Recovery) 11.5


各管理エージェント(エージェントfor Windows、Linux、Hyper-V または ESX)は、バックアップと復元の操作を実行するためにライセンスを必要としています。ほかのコンポーネントには、ライセンスを必要としません。

Advanced エディションのライセンスは、ライセンスサーバーによって管理されます。詳細については、Acronis ライセンスサーバーの使用 をご参照ください。


この記事には、Acronis True Imageでのパフォーマンス問題のトラブルシューティング方法が記載されています。




Acronis Scheduler is a tool which is responsible for scheduled Acronis operations. If scheduled backups or other activities do not work as configured in backup plan or task, proceed with this article in order to identify the root cause and solve the issue if possible.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Acronis Scheduler issues:

In some cases, system can become unbootable after recovery operation. No BSOD, just a black screen with blinking cursor or a boot error is displayed. How to troubleshoot such issues and what information needs to be collected, described in this article.


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