When contacting Acronis Support with a technical issue, it is recommended to have Acronis System Information at hand

You restore a machine to dissimilar hardware and apply Acronis Universal Restore.

The process completes successfully, but the restored machine goes to BSoD with error "Stop 0x0000007B".

You set up a backup plan of Windows machine(s) with Policy Rules: [Disk 0] in Items for backup.

Backup fails with errors similar to:

Cannot resolve inclusion rule '[Disk 0]'.

Disk 0 has not been found while processing the 'Disk by number' template


You are backing up data to QNAP NAS.

When the activity is almost complete, it fails with:

The credentials for location are not specified


Outdated NAS firmware.


Update NAS firmware to the latest version.

If the issue reproduces with the latest version of firmware, collect system information from the affected agent machine, details about NAS(model, firmware version) and contact Acronis Support.



Disk/partition backup fails with: 

Windows error: (0x80070001) Incorrect function


Backup fails with: 

Windows error: (0x800705AA) Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service

Troubleshooting RAID detection issues

You have removed several backup archives or have backed up a significant amount of data to the Cloud, but the Storage Usage still displays old values.


Backup fails with: 

Windows error: (0x80070015) The device is not ready