Adding a machine to the Acronis Management Server fails with "The machine has already been registered". However the machine is not in the Acronis Management Server


Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 クリーンアップユーティリティとは、Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 とそのコンポーネントを Windows から削除するコンソールアプリケーションです。

(注)Acronis Backup & Recovery 10クリーンアップユーティリティは、 通常のアンインストール(ウインドウズのコントロールパネルからAcronis製品を削除)に失敗する場合にのみ使用するツールです。

本ユーティリティは、Windows 2000 以降に用意されているコマンドラインインタプリタ(cmd.exe)のプレーンコマンドを使用して作成されています。


The differential and incremental backups are automatically deleted only when the full backup is deleted

While deleting vault select to keep backups stored in the vault.

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup (Acronis Backup & Recovery)

After erasing a tape or moving to a free pool in the product, an empty archive is kept there as a container for future backups

この記事には、Acronis のニュースレターや特典案内メールの講読を開始または解除する方法を紹介しています。

Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0 has been discontinued. There are no updates planned for the product.

Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0 was written specifically to obliterate confidential data from partitions and hard disk drives.

There are algorithms of different complexity and speed offered for data destruction.

Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0 includes most known national governmental standards for hard disk data destruction, for example the U.S. Standard, DoD 5220.22-M.


Archive 12 format is a main archive type for Acronis Backup 12.5. It is used to back up any data, including mobile data, applications, application-aware backup, MacOS, Oracle DB etc

It is a single .tibx file for each backup chain: Full or Differential + all Incremental files that depend on it

Metadata is stored inside the archive, checksummed and verified (there is no separate xml file for metadata).


1) にログインします。

2) 「プロファイル」タブ(に移動します。

3) [アカウントの削除] をクリックします。


4) 削除を続行します。

5) 削除の理由を示します:

Backup task fails with the following error:

There is not enough space on the destination drive to perform a backup

This is a known issue. Just stop the activity

Backup plan created by Administrator was edited or deleted by a non-Administrator user. Recreate backup plan. It is recommended not to install Management Console on managed machines.

You will need to delete keys and strings from Windows registry to remove Acronis SnapAPI drivers

To delete your personal account, follow the steps:

1) Log into

2) Go to "Profile" tab

3) Click Delete Account

Account deletion is an irreversible operation and cannot be undone

4) Proceed to deletion


  1. You created a managed location on Acronis Storage Node and saved a backup to it.
  2. You edited the managed location and renamed it.
  3. When you try to delete a backup from the renamed location, operation fails with:

Unknown location <old vault name>


Deleting an entire backup:

  1. Connect to Management Console, and go to Backups tab, and then Locations



  1. 管理コンソールに接続します。それから、「バックアップ」タブに移動し、「ロケーション」を選択します。

  2. 削除したいバックアップが保存されているクラウドストレージを選択します。

How to subscribe to or unsubscribe from Acronis Newsletters or E-mail offers


This articles describes how to free up storage space in Acronis Cloud by deleting backups, their old versions and prevent reaching the quota limit again.

The option to delete individual files and folders from backups in Acronis Cloud has been removed because they would be re-uploaded on the next backup run, consuming your time, Internet traffic and occupying storage in Acronis Cloud again.

You start a backup plan for the first time. After the first backup has not completed (for any reason), you want to delete this incomplete archive, but cannot find it under Backups. Or you notice, that space used in Acronis Cloud is larger than your backups occupy.

There is no recycle bin feature in Acronis Cloud storage at the moment.


An Acronis True Image backup that you had in Acronis Cloud storage, was deleted, and you want to restore such backup.

Examples, when such situation can happen, include:


This article describes troubleshooting techniques that can be used to resolve/workaround a number of issues with Acronis True Image software, caused by outdated, damaged or missing parts of the software settings and executable files.

The list of symptoms when it can help includes, but is not limited to:


Old backups are deleted automatically according to the rules defined in the backup options. Read "Automatic cleanup rules" section in the user guide: local backups, backups in Acronis Cloud.

The backup menu option "Delete", that has always existed in the program, removes a backup completely, with all of its versions.

You have a backup of a mobile device that you want to delete.

You log in to the backup console and try to remove this backup.

You get this error:
Error code: 31
Module: 349
LineInfo: 0x4939462BB332D840
Fields: {"Expression":"result >= MIN_ARCHIVE_CORE_VERSION","$module":"common_archive_addon_vsa64_10330"}
Message: Internal error: An expression test has failed.

現時点では、Acronis クラウドストレージはゴミ箱機能がありません。


Acronis クラウドストレージに入っていた Acronis True Image によるバックアップが削除されました。このバックアップを復元したいです。



  1. Acronis ストレージノードで管理対象のロケーションを作成し、そこにバックアップを保存しました。
  2. この管理対象のロケーションを編集し、ロケーションの名前を変更しました。
  3. 名前を変更したロケーションからバックアップを削除しようとしますが、以下のメッセージが表示され、操作に失敗します:

「不明なロケーション <格納域の旧名>」