By default, Acronis True Image sets the current date and time for the restored files. You need to change an option in additional settings to preserve the original date and time

Acronis True Image は、デフォルト(既定値)で、復元したファイルに現在の日付と時刻を設定します。元の日付と時刻を保持するには、その他の設定オプションを変更する必要があります。


This article applies to:

  • Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Server SBS Edition


  1. You create a backup of Information Store or separate mailboxes;
  2. When browsing the backup in the Recovery wizard, the dates of the items are different from the real ones (i.e. from their schedule dates).

    For example

"Renew date" shows the date when an Acronis Agent has contacted Acronis License Server to check license assignment

When scheduling a backup task, you will see wrong dates in scheduler, when product is installed on localized Windows systems. However, the created backup plan will run at the correct time and date.


  1. バージョン12バックアップ形式のバックアップを管理対象外の場所に保存します。
  2. 「更新日時」列を見ると、2つ以上のバックアップアーカイブの更新日が同じになっています:


この製品の通常の行動です。この行動の原因は、バージョン12バックアップ形式の保持ルールの特徴にあります。バックアップ計画に入っている保持ルールを適用するために、エージェントは前のバックアップ スライスをチェックするため、複数のアーカイブの更新日が同じになります。


Date and time format displayed in operating system and in Acronis True Image may be different.

Operating system displays date and time according to date and time format in regional settings:

Acronis True Image displays date and time format according to settings that are configured in the operating system for the region that is associated with language selected in Acronis True Image.


  1. You save backups to an unmanaged location using Version 12 archive format 
  2. Two or more backup archives have the same "Date modified" value


If timezone is UTC -*, (such as UTC/GMT -5 hours), then the date in all Protection Console's reports related to activities is one day behind the date when the activity happened.

If activity reports are scheduled, they also arrive with an incorrect date which is one day behind the real date.


Issue in the product.