backup plan

You create a backup plan with a pre-set template for schedule - "Weekly full, Daily incremental"

You expect to have only the set amount of full backups, but in fact each month one extra is generated on the first day of the month.


  1. You re-registered a machine from one account to a different one following the instructions from Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Registering Backup Client Manually
  2. You notice that this machine is running more backup plans than are applied to it (there appears to be one or more "ghost" backup plans)


In some cases re-registration leaves the backup plan applied on the server-side if the backup plan was not revoked in the Console.


1. バックアップ計画を作成します。スケジュールを設定する際、「週単位で完全、日単位で増分」というプリセット テンプレートを選択します。

2. プリセット テンプレートによって設定されている完全バックアップ数に加えて、毎月初日にもう一つの完全バックアップが作成されます。




Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 の場合: この問題はビルド10130にて改修されておりますので、製品のアップデートを実行して下さい。

Acronis Cloud の場合: この問題は Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0 で修正されています。製品を最新ビルドにアップデートしてください。


アップデートしたくない場合は、回避策として、カスタムなバックアップ スキームでバックアップ計画を作成してください。


When attempting to edit a backup plan in Cyber Protection console, you receive the following error:

Protection plan cannot be applied or updated as the device has no appropriate quota

Quotas are set properly when you verify them.

Physical Data Shipping is enabled in the backup plan:


Issue in the product.


Impossible to create or save file backup plan with excessive amount of selected items.

Issue occurs in this scenario:

  1. You start to create file-level backup plan.
  2. You select a large number of files/folders, e.g. 1000 files (there is no fixed number)
  3. When you try to save the plan, it is not saved:


Issue in the product. The issue will be fixed in next releases of Acronis products.


  1. You disabled a tenant and then enabled it again after two weeks or more passed;
  2. Backup plans do not run per schedule on the machines of this tenant. Next backup date is not recalculated. Device status shows Backup is missing and backup plan details display an error The backup service is disabled for your organization.


Issue in the product. Backup plans are not re-applied if the customer is disabled for more than 2 weeks.