On an attempt to do a partition backup Acronis product calls xfs_freeze to snapshot the XFS partition

How to mount images in Acronis True Image Server for Linux or Acronis Backup & Recovery 10

You can recover files or folders of the partition protected with Acronis Nonstop Backup

How to have Acronis Startup Recovery Manager and GRUB or LILO at the same time

A backup archive that contains no partition, but only has files and folders, cannot be mounted

Check the logs to make sure the backup has been created successfully

This article gives explanation of why one cannot set a task to be executed at shutdown/logoff in an Acronis product when it is run in Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. This article also provides a workaround for this issue

Restoring system partition requires the system to reboot before restoration starts

When installed on the same machine with PC Angel, Acronis products either crash or cannot access hard disk drives

Acronis True Image Rescue Media changes SAN signatures of disks, which prevents Microsoft Cluster Service from starting

The Acronis True Image Echo products work both with Linux and Windows file systems

Use the usbmouse=off parameter to resolve the issue

Acronis True Image errors out with "Unable to create volume snapshot" when backing up volumes of over 4 TB in size in Linux

Detailed description of how Acronis True Image Echo works with tape autoloaders and separate tape drives

The list of operating systems Acronis True Image Echo products run on

As a workaround, perform the necessary operations from Windows, WinPE or BartPE

This article describes the compatibility of Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server with other Acronis products

Uninstallation of Acronis Backup Server includes manual removal of folders, files and registry keys associated with it

The component supports recovery of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

How to automatically rename full backups, so that they do not overwrite each other

Start the Acronis Nonstop Backup service to solve the issue

Acronis True Image Home analyzes partitions for too long at application startup in Windows Vista. This most probable cause is that there is a considerable amount of shadow copies for the partitions

Please request a modification of Acronis Media Builder from Acronis Support and recreate Acronis Bootable Media

Repair the Acronis True Image Home 2010 installation to solve the issue

Protection of external USB drives is not supported

The Acronis True Image line products support almost any of the most popular storage devices

Acronis products currently do not support backing up of locally mapped disks using the subst utility