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The issue relates to different profiles and permissions attributes in Windows

Acronis True Image 11 Home crashes on the Backup Archive Location selection screen due to the conflict with Widcomm drivers

Using Acronis Archive Resorter you can recover the backup archives from a corrupt or deleted Acronis Backup Server

An archive consists of slices, which in turn may consist of volumes

Defective serial numbers were accidentally provided in some boxes

Acronis True Image may fail to back up an NTFS-compressed partition

Clean up your Windows Temp folder to eliminate the issue

Uninstall Acronis License Server and install it again to solve the issue

This article describes why it may not be possible to connect to Acronis True Image Agent for Linux installed on openSUSE 10.2. The article also provides a solution for that.

You can set consolidation to run automatically in Acronis Backup Server to comply with the quotas and time limits set for each profile

Setting up Quotas and Time Limits for Backup Locations, Administrator and User Profiles

When saving an archive to Backup Location the progress bar halts at 100% and nothing happens. There is a progress going on, you just need to wait until it is over

Check if the key.plk file is in the installation directory of Acronis Agent

Disable Web contents in Folder Options to resolve the issue

It is recommended to completely uninstall the current build of Acronis Group Server before updating to the new one

Enter the username and the password, which were specified in the "Remote logon settings" fields when creating Acronis Bootable Media. This should eliminate the issue

Acronis True Image suddenly disappears from the screen after hitting Next on the Partitions Selection screen

There are not enough access rights to the msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll files on the machine where Acronis Agent is installed

This article describes the procedure of adding a converted VMDK virtual disk to a VMware virtual machine

When trying to put in credentials for a networked computer in Acronis Group Server, the typing speed is very slow

Uninstall all the product components, reboot the machine, and install the components anew to solve the issue

After rebooting the machine with Acronis Group Server the networked computers with Acronis True Image Agents are automatically polled as offline, even though they are supposed to have the status "Ready"

Post commands fail to run in Acronis True Image Echo Server for Linux. Operation log shows that the commands were run successfully

You need to manually set credentials for all machines that do not have the same username and password as the ones provided at the Acronis Group Server installation