64139: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Backup: "Failed to read from sector" warning during VM backup


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Last update: 29-04-2021


Backup of a VMware virtual machine completes with warning:

2020-02-12T08:06:43:229-06:00 140114698520320 E00950001: Error 0x950001: Invalid parameters were specified.
| trace level: error
| line: 0xd1ab7fa1e56ec41f
| file: e:/621/enterprise/disk_manager/daapi1/virt_op.cpp:231
| function: IoOp
| $module: disk_bundle_tape_off_glxa64_15300
2020-02-12T08:06:43:230-06:00 140114698520320 I000101F4: Failed to read data from the disk.
Failed to read from sector '-966,367,643' of hard disk '3'. User response: Cancel


The warning appears because the VM disk specified in the error message has errors.


  1. Review the error message to locate the affected disk. The error appeared at an attempt to read this disk.
  2. Move data from the affected disk to a new one: add a new disk to the VM and copy data onto it, then delete the affected disk.
  3. If the disk cannot be replaced (it is a system disk), create a backup by the Agent installed within the guest operating system of the VM (Agent for Windows or Agent for Linux). Restore this backup to a new VM, then start backing up this new VM instead of continuing backups of the old VM.
  4. If the issue persists with the new VM, contact Acronis support for further investigation.