63329: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: How to prepare non-built-in administrator user to be used for application protection on Hyper-V VM

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Last update: 27-08-2020

When creating an application-aware backup, you need to specify a guest OS user from Administrators group.

If the guest OS user that you specify is not built-in Administrator, then the following changes must be applied in the guest OS so that this user can be used for application protection in Acronis Backup.

Otherwise, you will see one of these errors:

The specified user does not have enough rights to create an application-aware backup. User Account Control is enabled in the guest system and this user is not a built-in administrator.


Credentials are incorrect
Error 0x530128: SOAP 1.1 fault: "":ServerFaultCode[no subcode]
| "Failed to authenticate with the guest operating system using the supplied credentials."
| Detail: <InvalidGuestLoginFault xmlns="urn:vim25" xsi:type="InvalidGuestLogin"></InvalidGuestLoginFault>
| trace level: information
| line: 0x599da595e33de7f4


  1. Add user to local administrators group on the machine (it must have local administrator privileges);
  2. Disable User Account Control:
    • Open Registry Editor (press Win+R -> type regedit)
    • Locate the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
    • For the EnableLUA value, change the setting to 0.
    • Restart the machine.
  3.  Open Windows Management Instrumentation (Win+R -> wmimgmt.msc) -> right-click WMI Control -> select Properties 

    Go to Security tab -> expand Root -> select CIMV2 and press "Security" 

    Add the user and assign all permissions to it

  4. Open Component Services (Win+R -> type dcomcnfg.exe) -> go to Component Services -> Computers -> right click on "My Computer" -> select Properties

    Go to COM security tab-> for Access Permissions and Launch and Activation Permissions press Edit Limits and Edit Default and add the user everywhere with full permissions

  5. Open Component Services (Win+R -> type dcomcnfg.exe) -> go to Component Services -> Computers-> go to DCOM Config -> right-click Windows Management And Instrumentation and select Properties 

    In Properties window go to Security tab. For Launch and Activation Permissions, Access Permissions, Configuration Permissions: select Customize and add the user everywhere with full permissions

More information

See also Required user rights for application-aware backup in product documentation.