62636: Acronis Cyber Backup: backups in Version 11 format write excessive .meta files to temp


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Last update: 木, 2020-09-03 06:01


You create backups in Version 11 backup format. You notice, that large (up to several GB) .meta files are written into the %temp% folder.


Metadata files are part of Version 11 format design; these files contain information about archive contents structure. Usually, these files occupy just a few KB, however, for large and/or application backups the metadata files can grow up to several GB in size.


Switch to Version 12 format. This is a new archive format that does not require .meta files.

To switch to Version 12:

  1. Create a new backup plan.
  2. Click the gear icon to open Backup options:
  3. In Backup format, select Version 12: