62534: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: how to change agent credentials with a pre-backup command

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Last update: 30-07-2021

When an Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud agent is installed, it is registered in the management server at Acronis data center. You need to specify credentials for your account to bind the agent to a specific tenant and cloud storage.

There are situations when the agent needs to be re-registered to another account with a different set of credentials:

  • in case the agent is migrated to another tenant
  • in case you switch from one cloud storage to another one

Generally, this is achieved through the manual re-registration process, which is described in this article. The standard procedure requires running commands on the affected machines. However, remote access to the affected machine might not be available. In this case, you can create and run a pre-backup command, as described in this article.

Acronis backup agents can run a pre-backup command before any backup job. Pasting the registration command into that command allows changing the registration credentials without remote access to the machine.

Configuring remote registration command

1. Create a new backup plan. It could be any kind of backup plan; the registration command will prevent it from running.

Example: run it once per week until the end of the next week. This will run it only once, any machines that miss it on Wednesday will still run it during the week when they are turned on.

2. In Backup options, find the Pre-post command section and fill out like this:


Working Directory:
C:\Program Files\BackupClient\RegisterAgentTool

register_agent.exe -o register -t cloud -a https://cloud.acronis.com -u <account> -p <password>

This does require specifying the password in clear text. Alternatively, you can use the --token parameter instead of account and password (more on token generation below):
register_agent.exe -o register -t cloud -a https://DC-cloud.acronis.com --token <token>your

Where DC-cloud.acronis.com is the URL of your datacenter, for example https://us5-cloud.acronis.com

3. Save settings.

4. Manually run the backup plan or let it run on schedule. Because the command will run before the backup it will not actually run the backup plan, but the device will be re-registered. The activity log will show a warning message “The activity has been canceled by the user”.

5. After all affected Agents are re-registered, you can disable this backup plan.

Generating registration token

  1. Log in to the Cyber Protection console with the customer-level account, partner account will not show token generation options.
  2. Click Add Device, scroll down to Registration token. Click GENERATE.
  3. Select token lifetime and click GENERATE TOKEN.
  4. Copy the generated token and use it in the registration command.
  5. Later you can delete the token from the MANAGE ACTIVE TOKENS and it will no longer be active, but you will not be able to copy it again.

More details on the token generation are in this topic.