62323: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: how to manually rebuild APS package to update js, icons or localization

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Last update: 01-05-2020


  • OSA: 7.3, 7.4, 8.0
  • APS: 2.2-1994, 2.2-1997, 2.2-2007
  • APS Tools: 2.2-408

Upgrade APS package to the latest build

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud APS package

Download and unpack zip-file from APS endpoint

  1. Download file /var/www/html/backupservice/AcronisBackupCloud.app.zip to c:\tmp
  2. Unpack all files to the directory c:\tmp\AcronisBackupCloud.app

Update JS, icons and localization

  1. Update JS in c:\tmp\AcronisBackupCloud.app\ui\js
  2. Update icons in c:\tmp\AcronisBackupCloud.app\ui\images
  3. Update localization in c:\tmp\AcronisBackupCloud.app\i18n

Build a new APS package

  1. Remove file APP-LIST.xml
  2. Edit file APP-META.xml. Add the suffix 'a' for build number in the tag:

  3. Download and install APS tools: https://docs.cloudblue.com/oa/7.4/sdk/resources/downloads/#aps-tools
  4. Build a new package using this command:
    aps build <path to source code>

Import the APS package and upgrade application instances

  1. Open Acronis Cloud application on the Versions tab and import the new package:
  2. Upgrade all application instances:

Examples of how to replace the Acronis logo

  1. To replace the Acronis logo in PCP menu, replace the file ui/images/logo.png

  2. To replace the Acronis logo in CCPv1 the Home tab, replace the file images/logo_A_64px.png

  3. To replace the Acronis logo in CCPv2 the Home tab and in a user's profile, replace the file ui/images/ico_acronis_backup_tile_150.png