61045: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: backup plan runs on the machine after registering it to a different user (tenant)

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Last update: 29-04-2021


You have a machine with a backup plan. In a while, you re-register the machine to a different user, but the backup plan still runs although it is not listed among backup plans for this device. If you delete entries about this backup plan via acrocmd, they return in a while.


Issue is caused by current limitations of the Backup Plan design. Current design makes the old backup plan invisible in the old tenant's Cyber Protection console, but still sends commands to the machine to apply the backup plan.


Acronis development team is working on the issue, it will be fixed in future updates.

Meanwhile, use these workarounds.

If the backup plan is still visible in the old tenant and no other devices use it, delete the plan.

In other case, please contact Acronis support team with a reference to this article and this information:

  • old login (account name)
  • new login (account name)
  • name of the affected machine
  • name of the 'ghost' backup plan.