60823: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Troubleshooting E-mail Notification Failures

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    Last update: 木, 2020-09-03 06:03

    About Email notifications

    Email notifications are used to send emails about operations results, interactions, alerts.

    The option enables you to set up email notifications about events that occur during backup.

    It can help you receive:

    • Operations results: Backup success/failure, etc.
    • Interactions: in case an operation requires User interaction.
    • Alerts

    See more in following articles:

    Web help: Configuring Email notifications for all machines

    Web help: Configuring notifications for individual backup plans

    You can also configure the severity of notifications you would like to receive

    Follow step-by-step instructions below to troubleshoot the issue. Complete prerequisites step before proceeding to error troubleshooting step.

    1. Prerequisites

    Check your mail server configuration. Acronis supports only SMTP protocol for sending messages. If you are trying to connect to Exchange server, make sure it is configured properly: Configuring Exchange Server for E-mail notifications (Use solution from Exchange 2007 for Exchange 2010 and 2013).

    If you are using Office365 account, use server settings from this Microsoft Support article.

    In version 12.5 notifications are sent from Management Server only.

    If this requirement is met and issue persists, go to error troubleshooting step.

    2. Error troubleshooting

    Complete all steps before proceeding to collect information step.

    2.1 Antivirus Software

    If any firewall, antivirus or other security software is installed on the machine, make sure that the following Acronis processes are added to the list of trusted applications in the security software:

    Making Acronis Products Compatible with Antivirus Software
    Acronis Software: Making Acronis Products Compatible with Third-Party Firewall Software 

    For the full list of Acronis processes and ports used please refer here:

    Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Windows services and processes

    2.2 Use correct Ports for the servers and encryption settings (Only for Custom mail server)

    Use correct Ports for the SMTP server.

    1. Typical port for unsecured connection: 25
    2. SSL: 465
    3. TLS: 587

    If you are not sure what port is your server is configured to be working on or about encryption you can use telnet to check: on a machine where your emails work fine in your email client use telnet to check above ports. If the telnet works on specific port - then your server listens on it and you can use the encryption settings from above for the particular port. E.G. if your SMTP server listens on port 465 then you most likely have to set encryption to SSL to send notifications.

    You can also check if specific settings are correct by manually sending email through telnet.

    2.3 Check Firewall and Network

    This is the most common cause in case notification is failing to be sent. Sometimes there are specific firewall rules that forbid specific machines from accessing the SMTP server. In this case, use telnet to check if the ports are accessible from the server. To find what ports you need refer to 2.2 of this article.

    2.4 Incorrect Settings specified for the SMTP server.

    Make sure that you are really using correct settings for the SMTP server. If you are using some kind of SMTP service provider such as Gmail then please choose the preset. If you have your own SMTP server please refer to its configuration to be sure.

    Do not enable encryption in Acronis Cyber Backup if it is not required by the server.

    If these steps have been executed and the issue persists, collect the information listed below and contact Acronis Customer Central for further help.

    2.5 Special symbols

    Using special symbols such as ö, à, Ç, ẞ in email address or password can cause errors. If your email address contains special symbols, try using a different address. If password contains special symbols, change password so the new one does not use special symbols.

    2.6 Password settings

    If you use a public email provider like the T-Online E-Mail, check the password settings: if the service allows to specify different passwords for its own web-application and e-mail applications from other vendors, make sure you have set the e-mail password in the service and then specified this one in the Acronis console.

    Please note that the password for web-applications will not be accepted by the Acronis software.

    When the e-mail password for other vendors is not set up or you try to log in for email notifications with a web-password, you will see an error message in the logs of notification service (check C:\ProgramData\Acronis\NotificationService\Logs on the machine where Acronis Management Server is installed):

    “ERROR - (535, b'5.7.0 Authentication rejected / Connection-failure. Username or password incorrect. Please be aware, that the e-mail password is mandatory here”

    3. Collect information

    Collect following information and contact Acronis Customer Central.

    3.1 Error message

    Issue description and full error message or log of the backup plan (Devices -> Choose device -> Activities -> Choose activity -> Download log).

    3.2 Screenshots of notifications settings

    Create screenshots of notifications settings in Acronis Cyber Backup including the advanced parameters.

    3.3 Screenshot of telnet working

    Picture of working Telnet from the machine where Acronis Management Server is installed to the SMTP server on the port that you use.

    3.4 System Report

    Collect System Report from the Management Server and the agent which was running the backup plan: use this AcronisInfo Utility for Management Server and this guide for the agent.