60809: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Integration with ConnectWise Automate: how to disable ticket creation for a specific type of alerts

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Last update: 18-11-2022


You have Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integrated with ConnectWise Automate. Every time an issue occurs in backup service, a ticket is created in ConnectWise Automate.

You might need to disable ticket creation on specific event types. This article explains, how to do it.


  1. In ConnectWise Automate 11: Control Center -> Monitors -> Internal Monitors.
    In ConnectWise Automate 12: Control Center -> Automation -> Monitors -> View Monitors -> Internal Monitors.
  2. Select client or device monitor, choose the severity corresponding to the alert and open the monitor.
  3. Add a new condition to the Additional condition field:
    AND v_plugin_acronis_backup_alerts_computer.type NOT IN ('<alert_type>')
    where <alert_type> is the type of alerts you want to disable

Here is a list of alert types and corresponding error messages:

alert_type Alert name
ActivityFailed Activity failed
ActivityFinishedWithWarnings Activity succeeded with warnings
ActivityNotResponding Activity is not responding
ArchiveCorrupted Backup is corrupted
BackupCanceled Backup is canceled
BackupDidNotStart Backup did not start
BackupFailed Backup failed
BackupFinishedWithWarnings Backup succeeded with warnings
BackupNotResponding Backup is not responding
BackupQueued Backup is waiting
BackupStatusUnknown Backup status is unknown
LicenseExpired Subscription license has expired
LicenseWillExpireSoon Subscription license will expire soon
MachineOffline20 Machine is offline for more than 20 days
MachineOffline30 Machine is offline for more than 30 days
NoBackupForXDays Backup is missing
ResourceQuotaExceeded Quota exceeded
StorageQuotaAt80 Quota almost reached
StorageQuotaExceeded Quota exceeded
ValidationFailed Validation failed