59733: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Backup: how to check protection status of a device


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Last update: 15-10-2020

You can learn the status of each device in your environment by reviewing the Status column in the Devices tab.

You can also get an overview of your environment protection status in Dashboard -> Overview.

What is a device status

The status either displays the state of a currently running activity, for example Backup is running, or active alerts from previous activities. This column is designed to indicate whether a machine is safely protected or whether a problem on this machine requires your attention.

If all scheduled activities have completed successfully on the machine and no problems have arisen, you will not have any active alerts and will see OK in the Status column. You will also see OK if you have cleared all the alerts manually:

If a problem is detected, the respective alert is raised and shown in the Status column. If you have multiple alerts, the column shows the most recent alert of the highest severity.

Once the issue is solved, the alert disappears. If there is a successful activity after failed one, the alert based on failed activity is not reported. 

How to set up severity of alerts

You can customize severity of alerts by changing the alerts configuration file as described in this article.

Alerts have predefined severity based on the issue impact:

  • Issues which can potentially lead to data loss (backup or validation failures, anti-malware protection alerts) are marked as critical.
  • Other issues are marked as errors.
  • Minor issues are marked as warnings.

How to resolve issues

  1. Click the alert and review its details.
  2. Navigate to Activities to review details of the faulty operation.
  3. Check our troubleshooting section for solutions.
  4. If you cannot identify or resolve the issue, collect System information on the affected machine and contact Acronis Support for assistance.