59180: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: how to brand support options

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Last update: 15-04-2020

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud offers a variety of branding options to customize the client-side interface of backup service in accordance with your brand's design.

Along with the web console branding options such as custom color scheme, logo, company and service names, that will change the appearance of the service console and email notifications, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud allows customizing contact information and support options. You can set your support line phone number, your support portal and knowledge base addresses.

To set up your custom support options:

  1. Open the management portal.
  2. Navigate to the tenant in which you want to configure branding. The branding is applied to all direct and indirect child partners/folders and customers of the tenant where the branding is configured.
  3. Navigate to Settings -> Branding:
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Configure the branding items.
    • Click White label to clear all branding items, except Service name, End-user License agreement (EULA) URL, Management portal administrator's guide, Management portal administrator's help, and Email server settings.
    • Click Restore to default to reset all branding items to their default values.
  5. Specify the URL of your support portal, support line phone number, and/or the URL of your knowledge base. Click a field to edit it:

    Alternatively you can leave default options or leave the fields blank.


Support options are displayed in Cyber Protection console. Support line phone number and support portal address are displayed on the About tab of Cyber Protection console:

Link to the knowledge base is displayed in error messages and alerts: