58154: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Manual Installation on Mac

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Last update: 15-04-2020

By default, Acronis Agent is installed and registered in the account specified during installation. When you need to install agents without registration and register them manually later:

  1. Download the installation package (.dmg-file) from Cyber Protection console.
  2. Open Terminal and create temporary DMG mount directory: 
    mkdir dmg_root
  3. Mount DMG image:
    hdiutil attach Backup_Agent_for_MAC_x64.dmg -mountpoint dmg_root
    where Backup_Agent_for_Mac_OSX64.dmg is the installation package; specify path to the package in case it is located outside of the directory you are working in
  4. Run installer:
    sudo installer -pkg dmg_root/BackupClientMacOSX64.pkg -target LocalSystem
  5. Detach DMG:
    hdiutil detach dmg_root/

Later, you can register agents manually as described in this article.