55088: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: How to restore files


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Last update: 16-07-2021

Do the following to recover files from a backup:

  1. Log in to Cyber Protection console, select the machine for which you plan to recover files, and click Recovery:
  2. Select the backup location from which you want to recover:

  3. If the backup in question contains multiple recovery points, select the necessary recovery point.
  4. The next step depends on the backup type:
    Entire machine/Disk backup File/folder backup
    click on Recover... then select Files/folders in the drop-down menu click on Recover files/folders
  5. Select files/folders to recover and click Recover:

    When recovering from the Cloud storage, you can either recover files or download them as an archive (if the selection does not include folders and the total size of the selected files is smaller than 100MB)

  6. Select the location you want to recover or to download the files to:
  7. Click Start recovery to launch the recovery operation

To recover disks or entire machine proceed as described in this article.