47678: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Protect 15 and Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Connection Verification Tool


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    Last update: 29-12-2022


    Acronis Cloud Connection Verification Tool helps you verify connection to Acronis Datacenters and verify the upload\download speed.

    Originally the tool was designed as a bundle to replace the following tools:

    • nslookup
    • telnet
    • ping

    The tool has been improved and it now performs an embedded check of the read/write speed after the port verification.

    Current version of Connection Verification Tool supports proxy servers and accounts with 2FA with the following limitations:

    • Proxy must be configured to allow all Acronis ports, not only the default 443. If there is a proxy server in the network, test connection to Acronis servers using telnet: required IP addresses and ports can be found in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: access ports and hostnames.
    • When using the non-default hosts, the host must be specified without https, e.g. msp_port_checker_packed.exe -u=<login> -h=mc-beta-cloud.acronis.com
    • When using 2FA, the speed test works only if the Agent is installed.



    Linux 64bit

    Linux 32bit


    Currently there is no dedicated Connection Verification Tool for macOS.

    Connection to Acronis datacenters can be checked using netcat utility:

    • Open Terminal 
    • Run the following command:

      nc -zv <server> <port> 

      where <server> is the server name/IP address and <port> is the port to check, e.g. nc -zv us-cloud.acronis.com 443

    Check all relevant IP addresses and ports described in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: access ports and hostnames

    More information

    If partner admin account is used instead of account from the customer group, operation will fail with the following error:

    : Error 0x640003: An unexpected error has occurred. HTTP response code: 400.
    | line info: 0xe71b9a1528b1baab
    | $module: msp_port_checker_vs_s_48909