46760: Acronis Cyber Backup: Troubleshooting Hardware Resources Overuse


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Operating Systems: 

    Last update: 月, 2020-06-22 20:23

    This article looks at troubleshooting hardware resources overuse with Acronis products.

    In general, performance is constantly being optimized, so updating to the latest build is always recommended for the best performance of backup and other operations. 

    First of all check out the general system requirements to make sure that the hardware usage in your particular scenario is actually outside the normal operating parameters of our product.

    Below you will find a list of the most common issues with hardware overuse in our products. If your scenario is not covered by this list, please follow the troubleshooting section below.   

    Known performance issues

    For all other cases, please follow the instructions below to troubelshoot and collect diagnostic information on hardware resource overuse


    Acronis Backup for VMware, Acronis Backup Advanced for VMware

    1. Clarify the exact circumstances when this issue is reproduced.
    2. The screenshots showing the problem with hardware overuse.

    For Acronis Backup for VMware Agent for Windows

    1. Reproduce the issue and capture Process Monitor logs. Please run the utility for 3-4 minutes before saving the logs.
    2. Run AcronisInfo utility and get the system report from the system when the problem is reproduced.
    3. Find the Acronis process that uses a lot of resources and create a dump of this process when the issue is reproduced.

    For Acronis Backup for VMware Virtual Appliance

    1. Reproduce the problem;
    2. CPU usage:
      - Connect to ESX(i) host/vCenter via vSphere Infrastructure Client and click on the installed and running Virtual Appliance.
      - Go to Console tab (the GUI of the Virtual Appliance) and press CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-SPACE-F1 and then ALT-F2.
      - Run "top" command and create a screenshot of the output;
    3. Performance logs from VMware ESX host where the VA is running using the steps described in the respective article in VMware Knowledge Base. Pay attention on the step 8 to enable capturing the performance data. 

    Other Acronis Cyber Backup and Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced Editions

    1. Clarify the exact circumstances when this issue is reproduced. Pay special attention if this happens before/during/after a backup or other operation or if this is something that becomes apparent over time after many operations. In the second case, note how long it takes for the issue to be reproduced.
    2. If this happens during an operation with our product, like during a backup, please collect details on configuration of this operation: 
      - export of the backup plan (right-click on the backup-plan -> Export), screenshots of recovery task; 
      - screenshots of other settings, if applicable;
      - log of the operation;
      - information about vaults involved (type, size, location, number of archives and backups in the vault);
      and on the scope of the issue: 
      - for example, if this happens during disk backup, would a smaller file backup or backup to another location cause similar issues?
    3. Please collect a dump of the process facing resource issues while the problem is reproduced. Do this in exactly the same way you would collect a dump of a hung process. See instructions provided in Acronis Software: Troubleshooting application lockups.
    4. For Windows, please collect a Process monitor log while the issue is reproduced (run for 1-2 minutes). See Collecting Process Monitor Log.
    5. For Linux systems, please collect an strace log: Acronis Linux Products: Collecting Strace Output of Acronis Services in Linux.
    6. Collect System Report from the Agent machine affected by the issue: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: how to collect system information; Acronis Cyber Backup 11.7/11.5 Generating System Report, if this fails for any reason, you can use this AcronisInfo Utility. If Storage Node is involved, collect System Report form this machine with AcronisInfo Utility