45631: Acronis Software: Troubleshooting Application Crashes

    Last update: 26-04-2022

    Make sure that the antivirus software running in your environment does not block Acronis products. See Acronis Software: Making Acronis Products Compatible with Antivirus Software

    Under specific circumstances, the software may crash. It is very important to report a crash instead of trying to workaround it. Normal workflow for a crash problem is the following:

    1. Crash happens.
    2. Support reports crash to developers and provides them crash dumps.
    3. Developers investigate the dumps and find root causes.
    4. Fixes are implemented.

    In order for our development team to troubleshoot a crash, they need process dumps and other logs listed in this article.

    What information needs to be gathered:

    1. Step by step description of the issue

    2. Log of the operation which caused the crash

    3. Crash Dump. Select section corresponding to your operating system.


    4. System report:

    With the information collected contact Acronis Support.

    For Service Providers - it is Acronis Service Providers Support Team