4459: Acronis Backup: Required User Permissions for Local and Remote Management

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Last update: 水, 2019-02-20 08:12

Local Management

Standard Acronis users

The standard Acronis users are the ones created during the installation of the product's components. Each of these users is assigned only the rights that are necessary to run the corresponding service:

  • All the accounts are assigned the Log on as a service, Adjust memory quotas for a process, Replace a process level token, Modify firmware environment values.
  • The Acronis Agent User account is additionally assigned the Back up files and directories, Restore files and directories, and Shut down the system user rights.

Existing Windows users

If you select to install a component of the product under an existing Windows user, the scope of the user's management rights will depend on the user's privileges on the machine:

Regular users - A regular user, such as a member of the Users group, has the following management rights:

  • Perform file-level backup and recovery of the files that the user has permissions to access — but without using a file-level backup snapshot.
  • Create backup plans and tasks and manage them.
  • View — but not manage — backup plans and tasks created by other users.
  • View the local event log.

Administrative users - A user who has administrative privileges on the machine, such as a member of the Administrators or Backup Operators group, has the following management rights:

  • Perform file-level backup and recovery of any data
  • Back up and recover the entire machine
  • Create backup plans and tasks and manage them.
  • View the local event log.

Members of the Administrators group also can:

  • View and manage backup plans and tasks owned by any user on the machine.

Remote Management

Remote management is carried out under the user account that is used to connect to the machine. See Local Management.

The remote connection rights are set during the installation of Acronis Agent for Windows or Acronis Management Server when you need to specify the list of users whom you want to allow to manage the machine remotely by using Acronis Management Console.

By default, the list contains all members of the Administrators group on the machine; note that this includes the domain administrators (if the machine is in an Active Directory domain).

The setup program creates the Acronis Remote Users group and adds the listed users to it. By adding or removing group members, you will add or remove users who are allowed to connect to the machine remotely.

You can add or remove users from the Acronis Remote Users group through Computer Management:

  1. Press Start-Run and type in compmgmt.msc.
  2. Select Local Users and Groups -> Groups.
  3. Right-click on Acronis Remote Users and click Properties:

  4. Select the user that you want to remove and click Remove, or click Add...:

  5. Type in the user name and click Check Names:

  6. Click OK.

More information

(!) If there is no Local Users and Groups, then the machine is probably part of a domain and the domain user rights should be edited.

(!) If a machine is running Windows Vista or Windows 7 with User Account Control(UAC) enabled and this machine is not a domain member, only built-in Administrator account can be used for managing the machine.