41152: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Backup: backup fails with "CRC error" or "Failed to read the snapshot"


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Operating Systems: 

Last update: 12-08-2022


You attempt to perform a disk or partition backup that fails with one of the following error:

CRC error.

| error 0x70003: Read error.
| line: 0xdf81da2c74ec50c8
| file: e:\235\core\resizer\backup\output_stream.cpp:262
| function: `anonymous-namespace'::OutputStreamImpl::ReadDrive
| $module: disk_bundle_vsa64_10330
| error 0x10c481: Failed to read the snapshot. To troubleshoot VSS issues, download and run Acronis VSS Doctor available at https://www.acronis.com/en-us/personal/vss-diagnostic-free-tool/
| line: 0x3fec04e376b89f07
| file: e:\235\core\fdisk\win_snapshot.cpp:529
| function: win_snapshot_volume::IoOp
| $module: disk_bundle_vsa64_10330
| error 0x100155: CRC error.
| line: 0x2aacb7b2ab852af
| file: e:\235\core\fdisk\ver2\arch\windows\win_errors.cpp:43
| function: Fdisk::AddKstatusError
| $module: disk_bundle_vsa64_10330


Failed to read the snapshot.

Error code: 50266
Module: 16
LineInfo: 14181c22ef45add5
Fields: $module : disk_bundle_vs_32308
Message: Failed to read the snapshot.
Error code: 9
Module: 0
LineInfo: 2aacb7b2ab852ac
code : 87, $module : disk_bundle_vs_32308
Message: Unknown status.
Error code: 65520
Module: 0
LineInfo: bd28fdbd64edb8e0
Fields: code : 2147942487, $module : disk_bundle_vs_32308
Message: The parameter is incorrect


The most common reason is a physical error on the hard drive that you attempt to back up.

Another possible reason is high workload on the backed up drives at backup time.


Reschedule backup to a time when the workload is lower.

Find the faulty disk using Windows Event Viewer and Acronis Disk Report:

Review Windows event logs, see details in this article.

Review Acronis Disk Report, as described below.

If the issue persist, please create a system report (see Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Collecting System Report, Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 and 12: Collecting System Information, Acronis Cyber Backup 11.7/11.5: Generating System Report) of the affected machine and contact Acronis Support with a reference to this article.