37053: Acronis Products: After uninstalling Acronis product the entry in software list remains.

Last update: 15-10-2021

After running of uninstallation of Acronis Product the entry in software list remains. To fix this, run Cleanup utility or MS Fix-It utility.

This article applies to:

  • All Acronis Products


In order to uninstall any Acronis Product, you can start the installer executable or choose product from software list. There may be situations where for some reason (e.g. Windows MSI database corruption) after the attempt to remove software the Acronis entries in the Windows software list still exists.


Please follow these steps to remove any Acronis Cyber Backup software from a Windows machine. The order specified here is important - always first try the steps described in the top of the list:

  1. Go to Control panel, and then select Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP) > <Acronis product> > Uninstall: try uninstalling this way if the option is present for the product.
  2. If this does not work for any reason, please start the full installation file (executable) and choose the option to remove the product.
  3. If the steps above do not lead to the full product removal, please use the Microsoft FixIt tool from this page. Choose the I want to uninstall a product option.
  4. If the Microsoft FixIt could not solve the issue, please use the appropriate Acronis Cleanup Utility: