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How to set up a Disaster Recovery Plan in Acronis vmProtect

This article applies to:

  • Acronis vmProtect 9
  • Acronis vmProtect 8


Acronis vmProtect allows you to create a disaster recovery plan that contains instructions on how to recover data from the backup in case of a system failure. The program can send Disaster Recovery Plan by e-mail to specified users or upload the document to a specified location.

Disaster Recovery Plan is automatically sent out after the first backup. A new version of the plan is sent out if a backup task has been modified or if there are considerable changes in the backup contents.


  1. To set up Disaster Recovery Plan parameters for all backup tasks, go to Configure -> Backup settings -> Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).
    To set up Disaster Recovery Plan parameters for a specific task, go to More options-> Disaster Recovery Plan on Step 4 of New Backup Task wizard.

  2. Check the box Send disaster recovery plans;
  3. Enter the destination e-mail address in the E-mail address field. You can enter several e-mail addresses separated by semicolons;
  4. Enter the e-mail subject. The default subject line is Acronis vmProtect 8 Notification from Acronis Appliance.
  5. Enter the outgoing mail server (SMTP) in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field;
  6. Set the port of the outgoing mail server. By default the port is set to 25;
  7. If your SMTP server requires authentication, enter User name and Password in the appropriate fields:

  8. You can press Send test e-mail message to check whether Disaster Recovery Plan is sent correctly with the specified settings.

To save Disaster Recovery Plans in a specific location, select Upload disaster recovery plans to the following location and specify the necessary folder:

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