This warning message means that the recovery model of the selected database is Simple, so there are no transaction logs to back up

Log off from the machine and then log back on to avoid the issue

This is either a false warning or a known issue with Build 12497

This is an internal service warning that can be safely ignored

Health warning is reported when calculated health drops below the 70% threshold

When you try to recover your backup and upon pressing "Recover" a warning appears

To eliminate this problem completely, review the drive(s) cooling

Delete the redundant task script using Schedmgr

This is a warning that is safe to ignore. Warning has been removed from the latest build of Acronis Backup & Recovery 11, please update the product.


  1. Vous créez une sauvegarde
  2. La sauvegarde se termine avec un message
    Code d'erreur : 17
    Module : 4
    LineInfo : ce542e14da203b6f
    Champs :  Path : //?/, $module : disk_bundle_vs_43994
    Message : Le lien cible n'a pas été sauvegardé.
    Le fichier «\ {1}\ » référencé par le lien symbolique «\ {0}\ » ne sera pas sauvegardé parce qu'il est hors de l'étendue de la sauvegarde.



The incremental С2С backup of SharePoint site finishes with warning:

Failed to process change event Item/Add.

You back up disks or an entire Linux machine. In the backup plan, you specify exclusions. Specified files/folders are not excluded from backup and backup completes with warning "File exclusion is not supported".

You create a backup. Backup completes with warning "Link target was not backed up" or "File {1} pointed by symlink {0} will not be backed up because the file is out of backup scope." Warning notifies that symbolic link target is not included in the backup.

  1. You use Acronis Backup 12.5 or Acronis Cyber Cloud
  2. You run a backup of a Microsoft SQL database
  3. Backup fails with the following error:

Problems detected that may cause a VSS snapshot failure. Trailing spaces in the path. To remove the trailing spaces, run the T-SQL command: ALTER DATABASE MODIFY FILE

  1. You use Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 3 (Build 10130) 
  2. You run an application-aware backup of a disk with MS SQL database
  3. You receive a warning: Error: A double slash in the path. 

    and the following error in logs:Message: Problems detected that may cause a VSS snapshot failure.

(!) This article applies only to the case when you receive both the error and the warning specified above.