Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server is a comprehensive backup and recovery tool for databases and entire Microsoft SQL Server instances

This article describes the product that is out of support lifecycle. Current version of the product is Acronis Backup 12.5 and MS SQL Server backup is included in Server licenses.


Where to find end-user license agreement of Acronis products

Acronis products are designed for the following scenarios:

  • You can create a disk/partition backup and restore it to a different machine to transfer the entire existing system to new hardware (you may need to use Acronis Universal Restore if you plan to transfer the system to dissimilar hardware).


Pour completer le renouvelemment de maintenance, il faut enregistrer le nouvel contrat de maintenance sur le site Acronis. Pour mettre à jour les dates de maintenance sur le site web, appuyez sur Enregistrer le renouvellement et saisissez l'adresse E-mail de facturation et le numéro de commande/facture

How to create userdumps when the application hangs

To install an Acronis product from command-line you need to extract the installation package and then issue the msiexec command along with defining necessary switches

The following Acronis products support EFI-based systems:

All current Acronis products have full support of Solid State Drives (SSD)

Acronis Support provides support in compliance with products support lifecycle:


If there is an issue with correct installation of Acronis software, then it can be useful to send an installation log along with the request for support

Third-party software notices and/or additional terms and conditions

This page and/or pages linked from this page contain Third Party Software Notices and/or Additional Terms and Conditions as described for each product.

Acronis Disk Director

Third Party Software Used in Acronis Disk Director Suite/Server 10.0

Summary: list of available support options for Acronis products

Table of trial limitations of Acronis products