Deploy Acronis Agent for ESX/ESXi to each host instead of deploying one to the cluster

A backup archive that contains no partition, but only has files and folders, cannot be mounted

The list of Microsoft Exchange Server Versions that can be backed up with Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange

Check the logs to make sure the backup has been created successfully

The backup plan creation of a Hyper-V virtual machine fails after updating Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Build 11345 to Build 11639

Remove any other security software before installing the product

When installed on the same machine with PC Angel, Acronis products either crash or cannot access hard disk drives

Acronis True Image errors out with "Unable to create volume snapshot" when backing up volumes of over 4 TB in size in Linux

Detailed description of how Acronis True Image Echo works with tape autoloaders and separate tape drives

Click "Refresh" to re-index the archive and have it detected correctly

This warning message means that the recovery model of the selected database is Simple, so there are no transaction logs to back up

List of new features introduced in Acronis True Image Home 2010

Uninstallation of Acronis Backup Server includes manual removal of folders, files and registry keys associated with it

How to automatically rename full backups, so that they do not overwrite each other

Start the Acronis Nonstop Backup service to solve the issue

Since Acronis Backup and Security 2010 includes online backup subscription, you can register only one serial number under one account

In a backup plan you specify explicitly what data to back up and apply it to one machine, in a backup policy you create a template with parameters of what to back up and can apply it to multiple machines

Trying to append an incremental or differential backup in Windows/Linux to the one created from Acronis Bootable Media will produce a full backup. The same is true for a vice versa operation

Protection of external USB drives is not supported

Backing up files or folders

"Back up my critical data" is a one-click backup tool

The product will help you choose what data to back up, how and where to back up

Description of the disk backup options

If an Acronis Online Backup is running when the regular backup starts, the former will automatically be canceled

Log into your account in the product, select the subscription that you want to reassign

Access your account from the product under Vaults -> Personal and view the backup