63066: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Backup: Backup or another activity fails with "The archive is invalid or its type is unsupported"

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Last update: 14-05-2021


Backup or a different operation (replication, recovery, etc) fails with the following error:

The archive is invalid or its type is unsupported


There are several possible causes for this error: either archive metadata is missing or damaged, or  the backup archive itself is corrupted.


First, check if archive metadata is missing or damaged. Solution depends on what type of backup format you use:


If the first slice or xml meta file is available on storage, but backup still fails with the same error message, validate the archive.

Both Version 11 and Version 12 backup format:

Validate the archive: see product documentation for instructions.

If result of validation reports that archive is corrupted, follow the steps below to pinpoint the cause of corruption:


  1. Test the memory on the Agent and on machine with Acronis Storage Node if it is used. See Testing Computer Memory. If memtest reveals any errors with RAM, the backup corruption is due to hardware problems and RAM should be replaced to solve the issue. 
  2. If memtest did not reveal any errors with RAM, and backup is not stored on the internal disk, reattempt the same backup and the same operation on internal disk and check if the issue reproduces. If backup on internal drive does not produce such error, then the data gets corrupt during transfer to external location. Depending on the backup destination, the corruption may be caused by network problems, disk errors on destination, hardware problems with destination, obsolete drivers etc
  3. If the error reproduces when saving backup to internal drive, then the issue requires investigation. Collect the diagnostic information described below and contact Acronis Support


See also Troubleshooting Issues with Corrupt Backups

Collect information

If the issue is not due to metadata corruption and validation finishes without any errors, but the issue persists, collect the following diagnostic information and contact Acronis Support with reference to this article:

  1. Collect Process Monitor Log while reproducing the issue
  2. Acronis System information from the affected machine