60180: Acronis True Image 2018: collecting file_protector debug logs in Windows

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    Last update: lun, 2017-09-18 15:51

    This article explains how to enable and gather kernel-mode logs of the file_protector.sys driver, also called file protector's debug logs. Usually they are only needed to troubleshoot a problem with the Active Protection feature of Acronis True Image 2018, when the usual logs do not allow to determine the root cause of the problem and to resolve it.

    To get more detailed logs of the file_protector driver, please follow the steps below. To stop writing debug mode logs, simply reboot or shut down the computer.

    1. Open Windows Start menu:
    2. In search, type cmd
    3. Right-click the found Command Prompt and select Run as administrator:
    4. Click Yes to confirm the operation:
    5. Command prompt window opens:
    6. If you are in a 64-bit Windows, copy the following line, then right-click anywhere inside the black command prompt window, select Paste and press Enter to execute the command. Users of Windows 10 do not have to select Paste as this action is assigned by default to right-click in the command prompt window.

      cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\FileProtector

    7. If you are in a 32-bit Windows, do the previous step instructions using this command:

      cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\FileProtector

    8. Repeat the same actions with the following three commands. Press Enter on the keyboard after pasting each line into the command prompt window:

      file_protector_control.exe enable-trace
      file_protector_control.exe enable-trace-levels 255
      file_protector_control.exe enable-trace-file

    9. Reproduce the problem.
    10. Debug logs will be written into the C:\ProgramData\Acronis\DriverLogs folder, file names start with 'file_protector-driver':

      Logs are written in the plain text format and could be viewed with any text editor, e.g. Notepad:
    11. Generate a system report and send it to Acronis. System report generation tool includes the folder with debug logs by default, you don't have to copy them manually.