21701: Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Virtual Edition: Distribution of Virtual Machines among Agents

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Automatic and manual distribution of virtual machines among Agents

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Virtual Edition


Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 allows to customize distribution of backup Agents (Agent for ESX(i) (Windows) and Agent for ESX/ESXi (Virtual Appliance)) among virtual machines.

You can let the program to distribute Agents automatically, or you can set a custom distribution of virtual machines between Agents: e.g. you can assign one Agent for all virtual machines if you have several ESX servers with very few machines on each, or assign one Agent for each vCenter, or one Agent per each virtual machine if you need to reduce the backup time, or a different distribution.

Automatic distribution of Agents

By default, distribution of virtual machines among the Agents is performed automatically by Acronis Management Server.

Selecting the most suitable Agents for virtual machines is based on agent load and on the following rules:

  • The system prefers agents from the same ESX(i) host with the virtual machine;
  • If two or more Agents have equal conditions and one of them is already assigned to this virtual machine, the system will keep the current agent;
  • The system minimizes reassigning virtual machines with complex backup plans (that have 2 or more related tasks).

Redistribution of virtual machines is initiated if load on one of the agents exceeds load on another agent by 20%.

The following events can start the (re)distribution process:

  • A new Agent is added;
  • An Agent is removed;
  • An Agent reports about a new virtual machine;
  • One or more virtual machines were removed from their hosts;
  • An Agent is manually assigned to one or more virtual machines.

(!) Virtual machines that were manually assigned to Agents are not involved in distribution process.

Manual binding of Agents

You can also manually specify an Agent that will always backup a certain virtual machine (bind machine with an Agent).

To bind a virtual machine with Agent:

  1. Connect to Acronis Management Server and select the agent. You will see a list of virtual machines currently managed by this Agent;
  2. Click Bind with virtual machine;
  3. Select the machines that you want to bind with this Agent and click OK;

(!) Virtual machines that were manually assigned to Agents are not involved in distribution process.

More information

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