39969: Does MassTransit Support macOS?

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Last update: 16-09-2016


Yes, all MassTransit product types run natively on macOS as of version 4.2 to version 6.0.


The following describes macOS compatibility for other recent versions:

MassTransit Web Client

MassTransit Web Client versions 5.1 and later run natively on macOS.

MassTransit Servers in Compatibility Mode

Group Logic recommends that customers using macOS upgrade to MassTransit 5.1 or later. However, MassTransit 4.1.2 works with macOS in "compatibility mode". This includes MassTransit Application Clients, Satellite, Professional, and Enterprise Servers. For MassTransit Professional and Enterprise Servers, existing users who have ADB-based hardware keys need to side-grade to a USB-based hardware key. Contact Group Logic Technical Support for more information. Please note that MassTransit Servers 6.1 and later are not supported on macOS.