39649: Does Acronis Files Connect limit a volume to 65,000 files or folders?

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Last update: 11-07-2017


Does Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) limit a volume to 65,000 files or folders?



No. Even though SFM on Windows NT 4 has a limit of around 65,000 files and folders per volume, Acronis Files Connect has no such limitation and neither does the Macintosh client. Acronis Files Connect has been successfully used on machines with millions of files.

In the old version of the AFP protocol (2.2) on Mac OS 9, the Macintosh client was limited to 65,535 files or folders in any one specific directory. That is, for any given folder on the system, it cannot directly contain 65,535 items. Items that are found inside subfolders of this folder do NOT count against this limitation. Apple addressed this limitation in AFP 3.1 and theoretically you can have many times that number in a directory now. Note that the Macintosh Finder may experience performance slow-downs when opening folders with large numbers of items though. Various Macintosh troubleshooting sites have documented problems with the Finder that can be alleviated by keeping the number of items in any given folder below around 200 items. Still, Acronis Files Connect does not have any limitation of its own and we regularly test with tens of thousands of files per directory.