39954: Deletion of Files on a MassTransit Server

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Last update: 12-08-2021


Describes how MassTransit file purging works, and explains that MassTransit does not actually delete the files on the disk - those must be removed manually or via an automated script.

For information on how to delete files on MassTransit 7 Servers, please refer to the MassTransit 7 documentation.


With continued use of a MassTransit server files being transferred will accumulate in the Sent and Received folder within a user's mailbox folder.

Currently MassTransit has a setting that allows you to purge files. Selecting "Clear file entries older than ... days" by checkmarking the appropriate boxes in the special tab of the MassTransit server's configuration screen will only clear the actual log or browser database entry for a file --it does not remove any of the files from the user's Mailbox folder on disk.

Files accumulating in "Sent" and "Received" folders must be manually deleted by the User.

From MassTransit's Address Book screen, a user can click on an address book entry and click "Reveal Mailbox". Once the mailbox is opened, the user can manually open the Sent or Received folders within the user mailbox and delete files that are no longer needed.

A scripting solution can also be used to remove the files from the mailboxes automatically. Please contact Acronis Technical Support for more information.