Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2

List of supported operating systems

First move the backup to a shared folder. Then move it to a place you wish

When Acronis Agent for Windows is installed, a folder Itzam is created on the following location:

  • Windows XP/2003: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Acronis\Temp\
  • Windows Vista/7/2008: C:\ProgramData\Acronis\Temp\

The purpose of this folder is to store a temporary database which contains information about files/folders tree during file-level operations. This database is stored in .dat~ format and ensures quick and proper access to the respective data.

This means that the backup task creation has failed due to an external factor. In the log, look for the lines preceding the error message to find out the cause

Obtain a demo license from the Acronis website and then install the product

The following conversion operations are supported:

  • FAT16 to FAT32 and back
  • ext2 to ext3 and back


  1. Start Acronis Disk Director 11 and select the partition, the file system of which you would like to convert:

  2. Click Convert:

A newly created NTFS volume has "Full control" security permission for Everyone

When a member of a RAID 5 volume fails, the operating system directs the reading and writing all of new data to the remaining members of the volume. A single member failure will not result in data loss, but reduces overall performance of a RAID 5 volume. Repairing a RAID 5 volume restores its performance by reconstructing the data of the failed member on another disk.

Here is a screenshot of a failed RAID 5 volume in Acronis Disk Director 11 Advanced Server and in Windows Disk Management:

Hardware requirements for Acronis Disk Director 11 Advanced Workstation and Acronis Disk Director 11 Advanced Server:

Requirements Minimum Recommended
Boot firmware BIOS - based *
Computer processor

Modern processor, 800MHz or faster **

MassTransit 6.0.2 and later support transfers of files and folders with Unicode characters in TCP/IP and TCP/IP Secure file transfers. Polling and sending of Unicode files and folders is disabled by default, but can be enabled by adding the following line to the MassTransit.cfg file in the MassTransit application folder:

Create a new user account manually and specify it as MMS user during installation.

Create a new backup plan to create backup of different type

Install a new version of SnapAPI drivers with a fix

Install Agent for Windows in addition to Agent Core

Check network connection and IP address.

Do not use special symbols in archive names, except pre-set templates in the product.

The XML file that you are trying to import is not a backup plan or it is corrupted