You can set log cleanup rules to make sure Acronis Management Server does not hang on trying to add a machine

You can export backups or archives from a managed or unmanaged vault, or from a local or a network folder

Reactivate Linux loader after the cloning

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 cannot apply retention rules if the scheduled task is started manually

Copy the image chunks from CD or DVD discs to a local or external hard disk, or to a network share, and restore the files

Installation of Acronis True Image Server for Linux or Acronis True Image Enterprise Server Linux Agent can be performed automatically

Make the system shut down or log off automatically using pre/post commands

The recommendation is to set the task to run as Administrator

How to export the product's operation log in XML format

Click the "Refresh" button twice to make the archive on tape show in the wizard

Wie man das Log der Aktionen im xml Format exportiert.

When trying to back up an LVM volume Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 errors out with "Invalid vault path was specified"

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 for Linux displays Windows partition letters instead of the proper Linux device names

How to mount images in Acronis True Image Server for Linux or Acronis Backup & Recovery 10

Insert the "export NOSMBFS=1" to /usr/sbin/acronis_mms to fix the issue

Manually create the /mms directory and make sure the /tmp is not mounted with the "noexec" option

If Acronis Management Server is installed on a guest operating system, which is backed up from the host, it will not display the correct task status on the dashboard

Use "soft,nolock" options to mount an NFS share from Acronis Bootable Media

Linux detects capitalization in the names of files/folders and treats them as different entities, whereas Windows treats them as the same entities

Click "Refresh" to re-index the archive and have it detected correctly

Trying to append an incremental or differential backup in Windows/Linux to the one created from Acronis Bootable Media will produce a full backup. The same is true for a vice versa operation

Acronis True Image restores LVM volumes as non-LVM partitions. You will need to take extra steps to make the restored system bootable. You can also restore LVM volumes to prepared LVMs

Acronis Agent for Linux allows you to perform disk-level and file-level backup in Linux; it can also convert disk-level backup to a virtual machine

The subject of the E-mail shows the full operation log