Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud uses Resumable Backup technology which reduces network load and therefore enhances backup performance.

Resumable Backup means that in case of a backup failure data upload will be resumed, i.e.:

Instructions on how to troubleshoot problems after recovery

Sometimes a recovery process seems to work without any visible problems, but the resulting files after recovery are not complete and/or are corrupted or an application does not work correctly in the restored system. This article will explain how to troubleshoot this issue. Follow these instructions if you have corrupted or otherwise unusable files/applications after recovery.


General recommendations

Acronis Access Advanced and Acronis Mass Transit are not directly affected by Meltdown or Spectre.

How to change the PostgreSQL database passwords

You are protecting Windows Server 2008 R2 with Acronis software.

Backup fails with the following error messages:

Error code: 1098825
Fields: {"$ module": "disk_bundle_vsa64_xxxxx"}
Message: Locking of volume snapshot failed.
Error code: 9
Fields: {"$ module": "disk_bundle_vsa64_xxxxx", "code": 3758096391}
Message: Already blocked.

While checking VSS doctor report or Windows Application Event log you find the following (or quite similar):

Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine RegOpenKeyExW (-2147483646, SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ VSS \ Diag, ...). hr = 0x80070005, access denied.

You are protecting Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard.

When checking VSS doctor report or Windows Application Event log you found the following (or similar) warning for "spsearch account" and 1376 status code:

Type: Warning
Source: VSS
Message: Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unable to resolve spsearch account with status 1376. Check connection to domain controller and VssAccessControl registry key. Operation: Collecting Write Process Data Asynchronous Operation Execution Context: Execution Context: Requestor Current Status: GatherWriterMetadata Error Details: Error: NetLocalGroupGetMemebers (spsearch), 0x80070560, The specified local group does not exist.
InstanceId: 8230


There are two types of symptoms for this issue:

  1. You save a backup to an exFAT partition, no matter on external or internal disk
  2. You boot from Linux-based Acronis Bootable Media or Linux-based Acronis Survival Kit (available in Acronis True Image 2019 and later) and try to browse for that backup
  3.  exFAT partition with backup is displayed, but when you click on it to see the list of files and folders on it, it is shown as empty



This article instructs how to use Acronis True Image to recover Windows from a boot failure.

Use the present article only if the system is damaged to a state when you can't get to the Desktop screen and launch Acronis True Image normally. If you are able to access Acronis True Image within running Windows, please follow instructions from that article instead.

This article looks at troubleshooting hardware resources overuse with Acronis products.

In general, performance is constantly being optimized, so updating to the latest build is always recommended for the best performance of backup and other operations. 

First of all check out the general system requirements to make sure that the hardware usage in your particular scenario is actually outside the normal operating parameters of our product.


Backup fails with a warning: Not enough memory


Reasons may wary. Requires troubleshooting on the Agent machine.

Starting with build 6106 (Acronis True Image New Generation) and build 8029 (Acronis True Image Standard), Acronis implemented an additional setting for adjusting snapshot type.

With the "telnet" command you can test if a port is open


Backup fails with the following error:

Windows error: (0x80070522) A required privilege is not held by the client

This article describes how to proceed if you have faced a problem with building WinPE-based bootable media with one of the following products:

This article will help you to troubleshoot issues with backup via Command-line utility in Acronis Backup.


You run a backup using Command-line utility, it fails with an error message.


Make sure the necessary services are started


You try to clone a disk in Acronis True Image. Operation fails with the following error:

Failed to create the scheduled task


The likely cause is that the Acronis Scheduler2 service and/or processes are not running properly. This service is responsible for executing tasks. 

There is no recycle bin feature in Acronis Cloud storage at the moment.


An Acronis True Image backup that you had in Acronis Cloud storage, was deleted, and you want to restore such backup.

Examples, when such situation can happen, include:

Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management feature in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud supports the following third-party products:

While using the VSS backup option to back up complex applications, you may encounter issues with creating volume snapshot/shadow copy. This article provides instructions on how to troubleshoot and resolve such issues.

In some situations, a security program like virus scanner or other security suites blocks the functionality of the product. You can solve such issues by adding program folders to exclusion or to whitelist.

Acronis Scheduler is a tool which is responsible for scheduled Acronis operations. If scheduled backups or other activities do not work as configured in backup plan or task, proceed with this article in order to identify the root cause and solve the issue if possible.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Acronis Scheduler issues:

This article provides instruction for troubleshooting recovery and conversion to virtual machine failures in Acronis Backup (Acronis Backup & Recovery).

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the recovery and conversion to virtual machine:


After Catalog Service reinstallation or Acronis Cyber Backup update, one or more copies of Catalog service are shown under Backups > Catalog.


Issue in the product. In some cases, component Catalog Browser performs double registration with Catalog Manager during product update.


This issue has been fixed in Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 Update 1.

Acronis services to use for upload and download of large amounts of data to cloud

Backing up and restoring large amounts of data to a cloud storage over a slow Internet connection is time-consuming. To help backup service users in these cases, we at Acronis have designed special services for initial upload and download of large amounts of data. These services help end users save time and network traffic by sending the data to the cloud data center on a hard drive or request a hard drive with their backups from the data center.


After Acronis Cyber Cloud Agent (9.0 version) is installed on the machine, Application event log is flooded by MsiInstaller 1035 events every hour. 

Event text is similar to:

How to create crash/hang process dumps using ProcDump

Acronis True Image is available in three packs (tiers): 1 computer, 3 computers, 5 computers.

If you have a 1-computer subscription, you can upgrade to a 3-computer or a 5-computer subscription. A 3-computer subscription can be upgraded to a 5-computer subscription.

To upgrade to a 3-computer subscription, you need to purchase an Acronis True Image (Essential, Advanced or Premium) for 3 computers. Three 1-computer subscriptions cannot be automatically summed up into a 3-computer subscription.