As a workaround, validate the backup manually

There is no information in the log on what backup archive was validated

On trying to select a disk or partition Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 keeps showing "Loading..." until the validation task is over

This is an issue in the product. As a workaround, run the backup manually

Click the "Refresh" button twice to make the archive on tape show in the wizard

The location of your backup archive has changed or is unavailable

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 does not support E-mail notifications for validation tasks

Click "Refresh" to re-index the archive and have it detected correctly

This is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) issue. The validation task is actually running

Recreate the scheduled task to solve the issue

How to validate backups automatically and manually

The article describes an issue related to failure of credentials check when enabling Exchange-aware backup option in the backup wizard of Acronis vmProtect

Make sure the backup slice you are trying to validate is in the same folder with the rest of the chain. If it is, this slice is probably corrupted. Please recreate it

The backup is on an external disk which is unavailable at the time of the validation

This is a known issue. Do not run the validation task of a backup stored online if this may potentially interfere with other Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 tasks

Wie überprüft man, ob die Installationsdatei vollständig und korrekt heruntergeladen wurde.

Do not use special symbols in archive names, except pre-set templates in the product.

The operation fails because the archive meta information is damaged or missing. Run vault validation to fix the issue

Software kann unter bestimmten Umständen abstürzen. Es ist sehr wichtig, von einem solchen Absturz einen Bericht zu erstellen, als zu versuchen, eine Möglichkeit zur Umgehung des Problems zu finden. Der normale Ablauf bei einem Absturzproblem sieht folgendermaßen aus:

How to check if the installation file has been downloaded correctly


You created multiple full backups in .tibx format. Then some of the backups were deleted or moved to a different location.

When you try to validate the backup using Validate all versions option, validation fails.


Specifics of product implementation. If some of the backups were moved or deleted outside Acronis True Image interface, then the integrated backup structure will be broken, resulting in the inability to validate the backup, as some parts of the backup archive are missing.