To back up machines in an ESXi Free environment, regular Acronis Agent for Windows/Agent for Linux (as opposed to Acronis Agent for ESX/ESXi or Acronis Agent for VMware) should be installed inside the virtual machines. Agentless backup is not supported.

Acronis Cloud is available in the following countries:

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Currently the following Acronis products support Windows 8/8.1:

The ext4 file system support has been implemented in the following products:

Acronis Cyber Backup products do not take into account tape hardware compression while calculating space on tape media.

List of Acronis products that support Windows Small Business Server 2011

To get an installation serial number of a boxed product, you need first to activate it at the Acronis web site

Summary: list of available support options for Acronis products

Acronis renewals must be registered to complete the maintenance renewal transaction. You can update your support program information by clicking Register Renewal near the outdated support program information and submitting your Order/Invoice/License certificate number and billing e-mail.

Acronis products support Advanced Format disks

Acronis Customer Central provides support for trial versions via email/chat during the trial period (see Trial version limitations of Acronis products).

Log into your account at Acronis website and check the "Maintenance" column.

The following Acronis products support Windows Server 2012