Scale Computing


You have created a custom user on Scale Computing HC3 and specify this user in Acronis Agent for Scale Computing during initial configuration instead of built-in "admin" user.

You perform the backup of Scale Computing HC3 VMs and after some time the Agent for Scale Computing appears to have excessive 26 snapshots attached to it (left from the backed up VMs).

The backup starts to fail with the following error:


Acronis Agent for Scale Computing HC3 may leave up to 3 "Acronis utility snapshots" after a backup of each Scale VM. These snapshots are required for getting CBT information for incremental backups.

You can configure the maximum number of utility snapshots in Virtual Appliance configuration file (e.g. if these snapshots consume too much space on Scale cluster).


In this article we will demonstrate how the version of the Scale Computing HC3 cluster nodes can be found from Acronis sysinfo. This could be helpful to determine if the version of the Scale environment is supported.


1. Collect System Report from the Agent and unpack all the db3* files (normally, 3 of them, with slightly different extensions) which are under path \var\lib\ in the sysinfo zip:


  • You are trying to run an Agentless backup of VMs on Scale Computing HC3
  • The backup activity fails on every run and disabling or enabling VSS in the backup plan does not fix the problem


  • After performing V2V restore (VMWare backed-up machine to Scale HC3), you are facing the following issues:

1. The VM runs normally, but cumulative updates failing with the error "0x8007054f"

2. Not possible to replace the VirtIO Red Hat SCSI controller driver with a new version.


Issue in the product.

This issue will be resolved in one of the upcoming updates.

In the meantime, please follow the workaround below