The most possible cause is that Acronis Group Server cannot connect to the machine with Acronis True Image Agent to retrieve the status

Acronis Backup Server lets you store and manage backup archives of networked computers

Acronis True Image 9.1 Workstation offers you point-in-time backup strategy. You can create and manage backups of remote machines from one location.

Acronis True Image 9.1 Enterprise Server offers point-in-time backup strategy. It lets you create and manage backups on remote machines from one single location. It works both with Windows and Linux operating systems.

If you have Acronis True Image Echo Management Console installed on a machine with Active Directory and running Windows Server 2008, installation of remote components is impossible

Remote validation of a backup in a deduplicating vault as part of recovery is not supported

Acronis Agent allows you to perform disk-level and file-level backup in Windows; it can also convert disk-level backup to a virtual machine, and has an add-on for Hyper-V

How to install Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange

How to install Acronis Agent for Windows remotely

How to install Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server

One can put the bootable data of Acronis Rescue Media only on a RIS server or a WDS server running in Legacy mode

To work around the issue, install Acronis Agent on the Windows SBS machine locally

So installieren Sie den Acronis Agent für Windows remote


Installieren Sie Acronis License Server und Acronis Management Console. Siehe:

Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Firewall-Software nicht den Zugriff blockiert

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Remote connection from Acronis Management Console to a machine booted from Acronis Backup & Recovery WinPE is not supported

Download the new build and update components locally or remotely

Download the new build and update the components locally or remotely

Prepare the machines for remote installation, and then install the components

Step-by-step description of what happens when you choose to install an Acronis Agent through Acronis Management Console to a remote machine

Prepare machines for remote installation of Acronis Snap Deploy 4 components

The most probable cause is that a previous attempt of remote installation was interrupted

Desktop Authority Remote Management Console hangs when there is Acronis Backup Software installed on the machine

How to solve the problem when a bootable version of Acronis product cannot log you into the network where the image archive is, and keeps asking for the user name and password again and again


The MassTransit Log may display the following error: "Connection Closed because remote protocol was incompatible" This error results from an unsupported version of MassTransit calls another MassTransit, e.g. if MassTransit 2.x calls MassTransit 4.1