Um die Gültigkeit Ihres Supportprogramms (Maintenance) zu überprüfen, machen Sie Folgendes:

  1. Melden Sie sich in Ihrem Konto an.
  2. Finden Sie das benötigte Produkt und prüfen das Datum unter Der Maintenance-Support endet:

Acronis products are designed for the following scenarios:

  • You can create a disk/partition backup and restore it to a different machine to transfer the entire existing system to new hardware (you may need to use Acronis Universal Restore if you plan to transfer the system to dissimilar hardware).



A third-party security solution detected a PUP(potentially unwanted program) on a machine protected by Acronis Cyber Protect. Acronis Cyber Protect did not detect this PUP and did not generate any alert about it. Why?


Some anti-malware tools detect Adware or PUP`s (Potential Unwanted Programs) in different ways according to internal Cyber Security vendor policies.

Log into your account at Acronis website and check the "Maintenance" status