Geplante Backup-Tasks schlagen fehl, doch manuelle Sicherungen sind erfolgreich

This article lists all the new features of Acronis True Image 11 Home and describes them

E-mail backup can only be restored to the same e-mail client

There is an unsupported version of Microsoft Outlook installed on the machine that crashes the application

List of E-mail clients for which the Antispam protection can be enabled

Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and Windows Live are supported

Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and Windows Live are supported

True Image 2013 supports Microsoft Outlook 2013

True Image 2013 unterstützt Microsoft Outlook 2013


Starting from Acronis True Image 2019 Update 2 (Build 14610) you can back up OneDrive and mailboxes for MS Office 365 Consumer accounts. Backups are saved to Acronis Cloud. You need Acronis True Image Advanced or Premium subscription to use this feature.

Register the MAPI PST service by using either the MFCMAPI tool (go to Profile -> Advanced profile -> Add services to MAPISVC.INF... and select PST) or Mergeini.exe


Email notifications can be set up in two ways:

1) per backup task (Windows only)


2) universally for all existing and future backup tasks (Windows, Mac)

Per-backup notifications are more configurable, but are more complicated to set up.

Global notifications are easy to enable, but are less informative.